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Norwegian-born and multi-award winning, Lars Beller Fjetland is renowned for his recycled wood birds and modern lamps. He’s also one of the top 10 designers under 20 to watch, with a fascination for furniture, interiors and lighting. DECO investigates…

Norway is an incredible source of inspiration. No wonder it produces some of the best designers. Mister Lars Fjetland is no stranger to Elle, in fact, among his extensive accolades, he’s been featured as Designer of the Year for 2013 by ELLE DECORATION Norway, and New Designer Awards for 2013 by ELLE DECORATION UK, to name a few. Since we’re doing an issue on sustainable materials, Lars fits this genre perfect. From the core belief that humans benefit from daily interaction with natural materials, comes Lars Beller Fjetland‘s works. He describes himself as being a curious and practical designer. He allows the quality of the material to dictate the function of the design and he strives to create objects with a sense of longevity. He is most known for his wooden bird design and wood tables made using sustainable timber.
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Design to me is stripping everything down to its bare essentials. Honest design, where you can see both how and why the materials and components are interacting and working together. Lars Beller Fjetland

Design is the challenge of only using materials for their inherent qualities, as this will ensure that the object being designed has the ability to fulfil it’s purpose without having an expiration date. No cheap gimmicks, just a pure, simplistic marriage between function and beauty.”
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The Pomme apple-shaped cork (above) is made from the waste materials from the production of Fjetland’s Hem Collection.

We believe in nature, there is no such thing as waste, each creation has its place in the cycle of life and inevitably re-entering the earth for new life.

This ethos served as inspiration for his designs. Both decorative and functional, the Pomme’s soft cork core makes for a perfect pin holder, an eco-friendly toy or a unique paperweight.
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Find more on sustainable design at ELLE DECO’s Sustainablity page.

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