While smooth stone polished floorings will always be in style, designers and creatives all over the world are now showing appreciation to more creative flooring designs. From specialised handmade patterned tiles, to high-end mismatched patterns, flooring has never been so photogenic.

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Instagramers have taken their appreciation for stylish floors to a whole new level by uploading artistic floor-facing selfie snaps of their feet paired against beautifully curated flooring, giving birth to the ‘Selfeet’ trend. Selfeets now serve as a canvas for stylish shoes, paired with rich detailed flooring aesthetics, making the Selfeets feed a modern day gallery and dazzling array of international flooring styles.

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Since they made their debut early last year, the feet appreciating selfies have been leaving their footprints all over social media. Strangers from all corners of the world share and swoon over each other’s floor selfies, using the hashtag #selfeet.

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The Selfeet has caught this new global photography trend, modern and in tune with the times. The project is an aesthetic success but is also rooted in reality.

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Selfeets provide a wonderful source of inspiration for anyone wanting to get creative. Scroll through Instagram and you’ll come across beautiful snaps of Parisian floors, breathtaking sophisticated geometric tiles from the Middle East, Chic modern patterns from hotels, and even groovy paint-splattered artistic floors –  sure to satisfy your wanderlust.

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Still not convinced about joining this trend? @ihavethisthingwithfloors Instagram account, will certainly have you wanting to retile your floors – or at least wanting to buy a new pair of shoes.

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