Style should always align with the comfort and functionality. It’s why local furniture designers and makers Block & Chisel continue to create outstanding pieces over the past 30 years and counting. 

The classic woodwork reminiscent of English Country style marks Block & Chisel’s beginnings in 1987. It’s a style that prioritises craftsmanship over ornate detail. The wood grain and linear panelling take precedence, making for pieces that offer time-honoured form while offering design that’s practical for day to day use.

Their pieces are meant for real use, rather than as museum-like decor pieces, that distinguishes Block & Chisel’s pieces from the ‘high design’ genre of furniture. “I am happy for someone to carelessly drop a bunch of keys on one of my tables. That’s what it’s there for,” says Master Cabinet Maker Sibley McAdam. These are the type of pieces that get better with age because they are designed for living in, on and around long enough to pass down to the next generation.

By 1990, Block & Chisel introduced its French Provincial style collection. With delicate, pared down details, its main premise is to display a silhouette that is free-flowing and elegant. Gently curving cabriole legs help to define this collection. In more recent years, the company has begun to incorporate metal into its designs to achieve a contemporary style. The minimalist Lillian Collection which was launched in 2015 is characterised by its mild steel base and solid oak tops.

There is a satisfying precision to this collection, with its exact angles gives each piece a sculptural element that’s ideal for a pure contemporary setting, or to mix into a home to achieve an eclectic look.

Visit their stores in Joburg and Cape Town, or browse their online shop to find the pieces that inspire you.