Discover the art of making. image by: Tortus Copenhagen

In the heart of Copenhagen, hidden behind large wooden doors, lies the Tortus studio. Here, traditional craftsmanship and architecture meet modern design to create a truly unique working environment with the goal of creating vessels of a timeless quality and beauty. 

Tortus is about the love of creating and a passion for materials. Like the noble creature from which the name is derived, so the studio moves at its own humble pace.

Our production is based on a seamless dialogue between design and hand-work that drives an ever-evolving production of ceramics rich in form, colour and texture, making each encounter with our objects something unique.

Master potter and designer, Eric Landon is focused on a constant refinement of both form and technique. For Eric, the one cannot evolve naturally without the other. His love for wheel-thrown pottery started at age 16 and has evolved into a way of life. Shaping objects by hand is not a mere looking back at the past. He firmly believes that hand-crafted objects of a timeless value is the way forward.

Images supplied by: Tortus Copenhagen Studio


Tortus Copenhagen clay ball
Images supplied by: Tortus Copenhagen Studio

Working alongside Eric is Karin Blach Nielsen, an accomplished ceramic artist and a skilled colorist who understands the important relationship between hue and texture; and Eric’s twin brother Justin, a graphic and digital creative director. This dynamic team have created an inspiring collection of ceramic art that is just lovely.

Image by: Tortus Copehagen Studio


Following the century-old tradition of Danish ceramics, we are aware of our responsibility to preserve the craft. This is why each Tortus product is conceived and handmade in Copenhagen Denmark. Without exception.

Image supplied by: Tortus Copenhagen Studio


As formless clay spins on the wheel, so each gesture is applied.

Carefully controlled gestures are made to shape and guide the clay into its own unique form. These gestures are artworks in themselves that have been perfected over time to sense and lure the best of the material. Sturdy yet delicate hands, shaped by time and clay, apply careful pressures that give each ceramic piece its own unique character.

Each gesture has its own distinctive shape, function and design.

making gestures
Discover the art of making in a new light. Image by: Tortus Copehagen Studio

Like the noble creature from which we derive our name, we move at our own humble pace.

Images supplied by: Tortus Copenhagen Studio


Images supplied by: Tortus Copenhagen Studio



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