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Did you know that the last thing you think of before you drift off to sleep affects the quality of sleep you have? Studies have shown that if you go to sleep in a messy and chaotic environment, you’re more likely to wake up in an awful mood and not get the night’s rest you should.

Your bedroom should be a serene sanctuary, a place of rest and relaxation. Having extra blankets and pillows and coats hanging over chairs is one thing but this can quickly lead to your room being more cluttered than cosy. Dynamic Space specialist Tyron Sykes from Eclipse Group has five tips on how to ensure your room is clutter-free and harmonious. 

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1. Audit the furniture:   Take a look around the room with a fresh eye to identify what furniture you can move out.  If the armchair in the corner is always draped with clothes and piled with unused pillows, it’s time for it to go.  Stick to simple, classic, functional pieces of furniture only.

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2. Be minimalist about surfaces:  When it comes to bedside table and dressing table surfaces choose the bare minimum amount of items.  “Your bedside table doesn’t really need anything more on it than a lamp, one book and perhaps, a jar of hand cream.  Get into a daily habit of tidying the surfaces and packing away anything that shouldn’t be on them,” says Sykes.

3. Sort out the worst clutter culprit – your clothes:  So often, we leave clothes, especially the Winter jackets and jerseys draped aroundbecause we know we are going to need to wear them again soon, and we want them close to hand.  It seems too much trouble to pack them back in the dark depths of our cupboards when we might wear them tomorrow.   It’s worth investing in a great storage system that makes your cupboards more user-friendly and your clothes more easily accessible.  Consider something like Blum’s SPACE TOWER, a system of internal drawers that can be fully extended so that they are fully accessible from three sides. When you can quickly find and remove what you want with from your cupboard with ease, you’ll have no problem being diligent about putting your all clothes away each day.

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4. Revamp your bedding: Watch out for patterns and colours; when it comes to bedding, they can easily add to the clutter.  Sure, zebra-striped sheets may be fun, but it is the plain, light colours and, ultimately, simple white bedding that go such a long way to creating a haven of serenity.  Also, if you find yourself dumping half the cushions and pillow on the floor at night to sleep comfortably in the bed, you’ve got more ‘cosy’/clutter than you need and can slim down.

5. Re-think what your bedroom is for: If you’ve got the home entertainment centre firmly ensconced in the bedroom, or you’ve set up a ‘home office’ from your bed, pull your feet out of the tangle of cables for a moment and give a bit more thought to whether this is the best idea.  Yes, it’s comfy.  But it also compromises the bedroom as your peaceful sanctuary where you leave the busy-ness and noise of life behind.  You can reclaim your place of peace by re-thinking what your bedroom is for.

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