The Fleming Hotel

Hong Kong has long been a place to draw in the modern traveller. There’s something about the city that pulls you in, be it the pace, the people or the food. And while Hong Kong has a sea of design-forward hotels you could stay in, we’re particularly fond of the Fleming Hotel.

The recently remodelled Fleming Hotel is a 66-room boutique hotel located in Hong Kong’s lively Wan Chai district that evokes the port city’s industrial heyday. Breathe in the old-world scents of sandalwood and amber, immediately reminiscent of the lines of trade between Hong Kong and the world.
The Fleming HotelThe cornerstones of The Fleming’s design aesthetic, executed by A Work of Substance, are the iconic century-old cross-harbour ferries, symbolising travel, heritage and community, and the city’s maritime heritage. A colour palette of bottle green, navy and brushed brass, and watercraft-style details (take time to notice the seaworthy levered lighting controls and prow lanterns) mimic the feel of the ferries, while bamboo scaffolding-inspired outdoor lighting and gleaming red lacquer elevators and bathrooms promote a sense of place.
The Fleming HotelVisit the hotel’s all-day dining concept, Osteria Marzia, which extends the maritime narrative by bringing coastal Italian flavours to the table, before heading to The Lounge, a communal space where you can enjoy complimentary teas.
The Fleming Hotel
The Fleming Hotel

Back in your room, sample the bespoke ‘Shen Nong’ bathroom amenities, which are made in accordance with the principles of Chinese apothecary. The Wan Chai district historically attracted business travellers because of its convenient location near the harbour; the hotel building, built in the 1970s, used to stand on the Wan Chai pier before land reclamation. These facts are echoed throughout The Fleming, where Hong Kong’s city’s spirit and urban identity are evident.

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