Elle Decoration - Hertex Mama Africa Tribal print

We all love a brightly-coloured, well-designed and durable African print fabric and now Hertex Fabrics has a new range of tribal print fabrics, aptly titled Mama Africa, to showcase their 2.0 version of the Shweshwe print adored by many.


Elle Decoration-Hertex Mama Africa Tribal Print


With refined and intricate patterns in indigo and red, the collection has retained the authentic style that is synonymous with African fabric, yet still remains world-class in its overall quality.

A kaleidoscope of spectacular shapes and rich colours make this collection a true representation of what is the heritage of African fabrics and textiles. From the Abeni Desert fabric with paisley-like patterns reminiscent of Indian, Mama Africa glorifies the whole of the African continent’s rich design language.

Elle Decoration-Hertex Mama Africa Tribal Print
Zola Sunburnt

The Mama Africa Hertex Fabric collection firmly and unequivocally brings Africa onto the centre of the design world’s stage, with a modernized interpretation of the tribal prints trend.

Just like the African continent, the Mama Africa collection is bold and awe-inspiring. Each fabric has its own unique title like the Zola Sunburnt and the Xolani Ash, paying homage to the history of the South African naming practice and to the beauty of our landscape-inspired colour palette.

Elle Decoration-Hertex Mama Africa Tribal Print
Xolani Ash

This locally printed fabric is a combination of linen-mix and cotton based cloth, and available in four different colour mixes. The fabric is slightly textured and can be used for a variety of uses.

Elee Decoration- Hertex Mama Africa Tribal Print


Mama Africa is available at Hertex Fabrics, a leading South African supplier of fabrics and home decor products to the furnishing and design industry.

Images supplied by: Hertex Fabrics

Compiled by: Nthabeleng Mzizi