This kind of architecture makes us so incredibly happy,  proud and inspired. 

 Located in Tanouan Ibi, a village in Mali’s Dogon region, the architecture of this vaulted brick primary school, designed by Dutch firm Levs Architecten, is a search for a connection with the local traditions of building, of culture and of architecture.

Unfired clay bricks from local mines were used to build the barrel-vaulted structure of the primary school on one of Mali’s vast plains.

The architects enlisted students from a nearby university and members of the local community to help construct the building, using the compressed clay bricks to build walls, floors and roofing.

“The use of these blocks of compressed earth leads to a supple integration into the environment, corresponding to the way almost all Dogon villages fit into the landscape”

Primary-school-Tanouan-Ibin-in-Mali-by-Levs-Architecten_dezeen_ss_1 Primary-school-Tanouan-Ibin-in-Mali-by-Levs-Architecten_dezeen_ss_3

The structure of the school building is unique with two verandas running parallel to the class rooms. The two verandas operate like buttresses to be able to capture the weight of the barrel vaults in the roofs over the classrooms.