WIN a Bugatti Italy Cheese Cutting Board & Cheese knife valued at R999

Foglia Cutting Board with Knife - Black

You stand a chance of winning a Bugatti Italy Cheese Cutting Board (dark wood) with cheese knife! All you need to do is follow @ELLE_Deco on Twitter and comment on this post telling us why you should win.

Bugatti take a basic, everyday item, evaluate and modify it so they can present you with a brand new concept, helping to make the experience of buying kitchenware and luxury gifts a new world for you to discover.

Bugatti revolutionises the ‘simple and habitual’ daily rite of experiencing the home, by transforming it into an art, a gift, an emotion to be discovered every day.

Bugatti Italy is imported and distributed by Italian Lifestyle in South Africa.

Italian Lifestyle, imports and distributes a unique portfolio of Italian coffee machines for home and office use, coffee, coffee capsules and – accessories, kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery, decorative kitchen- and tableware, kitchen tools, non-stick cookware range.

Closing date for entries is on the 26 May 2014. Please note that winners will be selected and notified the week of 29 May 2014.





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  • Sweet dreams are made of CHEESE…who am I to dis a BRIE…I CHEDDAR tge world and the FETA cheese…everybodies looking for STILTON.
    I love cheese and the awesome local varieties that are now available to us as customers. Most of my cheeses i get from Checkers or Fairview estate 🙂 I follow @Elle_Deco on twitter.

  • This is one of the most useful items to have in your household. We eat a lot of cheese. I serve it whenever we have guests, too. Now I am needing to upgrade our Cheese Cutting Board and knife set! And since the board is so nice looking, it will make a great presentation with my guest’s. I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed! xxx

  • i love pretty things and cheese! and this bugatti cheese cutting board will make two of my favourites into one!!!

  • Cheese, bread, wine & some fruit (pawpaws & naartjies in winter) = a well balanced meal even if you have kids..especially if you have kids 🙂 This would be fabulous with my superside wine glass!

  • My mom is my hero.
    I wish I could tell you that she saved 10 people from a burning building or the fact that she found a cure for procrastination but no, she is just plain extraordinary. She has worked two jobs her whole life to support us three kids and still she spent every single moment she had with us. She has always got a smile on her face; compliment to us kids and never has one single negative word to say about anything. She is always the first to start the food and the last to sit down to eat – she was the first up every morning and the last to go to sleep. She has spent every single dime she had on us to ensure we got a proper education academically and in the school of life and never spent a sent on herself – to this day still refuse to do so. She is not only the person I look up to but also the person I crafted my own personality on and when faced with a dilemma in this hard world we live in I always ask myself WWMD (What Would Mom Do)?
    I would without a doubt give the plate to her, maybe if it is a prize then she will accept it?

  • Following @lainglinda. My Family love cheese and it is the perfect nibble for guests and when served with such style I will be the talk of the friends!!

  • CHEEEEEESE! Need I say more? I would love to own a proper knife and cutting board for serving my favourite food.

  • this is an amazing beautiful kit for any body who likes entertaining or simply enjoying the finer things in life. This is a must in any woman or mans kitchen, I suddenly fell lost as to why I don’t own one yet?

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