Good news! Linen House, best known for their quality bedroom linen in feel good fabrics, has partnered with ELLE Decoration to give away Rosetta duvet covers to three lucky DECO readers. These Rosetta queen size duvet covers are featured in our latest Colour Issue, as seen on our special ‘Get the Look Page’ for the French Apartment. They are valued at R1700 each and come with two matching pillow cases, as well as two continental pillow cases.

Antique bridal lace was the inspiration for this beautiful white Rosetta linen design. Bands of delicate embroidery on a chalky white cotton sateen base are combined here with embroidered oxford continental pillowcases and a rose scatter.

TO WIN All you need to do is comment below, or tweet about this post on twitter. Entries close Friday 24 February 2012.

For the latest contemporary and classic linen, bedroom basics and a fantastic range of scatters and throws, visit or contact 021 552 1060


  1. Wow the bedlinen is absolutely beautiful. This would be a fantastic gift especially since i am having a baby in March and will be having many visitors.

  2. Looking at that photo of the linen the only thing I could think of was “Whishing you were here?” Stunningly beautifull !!

  3. Awesome!!! I absolutely LOVE this. Will be the perfect wedding gift, getting married this year! 😀

  4. About to start planning my wedding which is happening this year… and this beautiful linen would ensure lots of stress-less nights sleep!

  5. Wow!!! Perfect for an afternoon nap and proper night rest! Will use these very handy as I recentlu bought a new bed :)w

  6. Wow, Stunning is the word!!!I would luuuuuuve to win this beautiful white linen. Always my dream to have a white bedroom, but my kids where small, and imagine small kids and white linen…. nooooo-noooooo!!!! They are big now and valentine’s day is around the corner…..

  7. This is so beautiful, I would really like to give this linen as a gift of thank to my mom. My wedding is in March, and with all the wedding expenses and the trouble my mom have when helping me, she and my dad really deserves something this beautiful.

  8. I am moving to a bigger place in a few months time and I plan on only allowing beautiful things into my new abode. This white bedlinen would fit in perfectly!

  9. Living in an open-plan one-bedroom space makes my bed a center-piece – stunning quality linen like this will be a beautiful improvement!

  10. Nothing beats the sophistication of crips white line which is simply gorgeous and elegant! Would look stunning in my room and be a very welcome gift.

  11. I live in a one-room open plan space which makes my bed a centre-piece. Beautiful linen like this will definitely transform my flat. Très jolie!

  12. As I write this, we are moving into our newly renovated home! All our savings have been used up, but we have a beautiful home as a result. I would adore some beautiful fresh linen to add to it, and you couldnt ask for better 🙂

  13. Hubby and I got married 2 months ago…this is such a great way to decorate our new bedroom together. I absolutely love the white with the embroidery it’s stylish, elegant and classic…this will look just perfect in our new bedroom 🙂

  14. Wow I’m so in love!!! It’s luxurious elegent and it will make a perfect gift ever for my 5th annivesary.

  15. Just moved into our new house which needs a lot of work. This set from Linen House would be a warm welcome relief to help update our bedroom!

  16. Wishing for the first time that I wasn’t working for Elle Deco. Absolutely LOVE this prize. Good luck all!

  17. I love, love, love this linen! I recently bought a queen-size bed and I’m still using my double duvet, so it would be awesome if I won this!

  18. White haute linen from Lnen House! Wow! I think this might be the prize of the year. Great linen is the epitomy of luxury. After a hard day in the office there is nothing better than snuggling up in a clean comfy bed…now the only problem is my pet bull terrier pup wants a piece of it too! Please pick me – I love your brand so much! X

  19. I am renovating our house, and coming dangerously close to reaching budget before I have even got half way. There is no way I am going to be able to upgrade the bed let alone linen. This prize could come in oh so handy.

  20. I absolutely adore anything that is french or vintage inspired. I love to mix vintage with modern for an inspired look and it always looks so beautiful in a bedroom. The White Haute collection is so beautiful and would fit right in with my vintage bedroom scheme 🙂

  21. I won linen from your mag easily 8 years ago. The linen is now so tired and I want to update my bedroom, to be replaced, please pick me.

  22. Our bed linen was stolen off the washing line along with some of my clothes, we are currently borrowing 2nd hand linen from a friend, it would really make our day and turn our back luck around to win such exquisite new bedding.

  23. The white haute collection looks absolutely beautiful,elegant and comfortable ,it makes you feel like not getting up at all….

  24. SO beautiful!!! Will look absolutely stunning in our new home, as we are getting married in March! 🙂 And I love the romantic vintage look.

  25. SO beautiful!! Will look absolutely stunning in our new home, as we are getting married in March. 😉 Love the romantic vintage feeling!

  26. Timeless classic…am a huge fan of linen house. Thank u for always spoiling us with fine linen – even the hiccups range rocks:)

  27. I have just moved into a nice new place –
    But my old green bedding is such a disgrace!
    It’s sadly third-hand and covered in stains,
    I‘m really needing a bedroom-look change.

    With a new set from Linen House and Elle –
    I could say to this stuff a grand old farewell.
    With its exquisitely sewn Rosetta design,
    This linen would be cherished (if mine!
    It is such fine linen – it‘s all crisp and white –
    Something to look forward to snuggling in at night.

    I would love to make my new house quite pretty
    And try feel at home in this big city.
    This beautiful linen would make this come true
    But this decision is only all up to you.

    Please let me win this wonderful prize –
    It would be a pleasant, lovely surprise!


  28. Beautiful bedlinen is like expensive perfume! Such a luxury, and 99% of the time i don’t buy luxurious goodies for myself. Children, household repairs and pets always seem to come first, especially when one is on a tight budget. Thank you for helping us dream that beautiful things are within our reach 🙂 xx

  29. Wow! This would be the perfect prize for me. I love good Linen and I am busy renovating my house at the moment so what better gift to get than this beautiful Linen.

  30. What’s more beautiful than White Linen for your bed! It give a pure, clinical and fresh look to one’s bedroom. It is my dream to own one of these sets.

  31. Ok, that is amazing! I have been wanting a white duvet set since I can remember but to this day I havent seen one as beautiful as this one.

  32. Nothing beats beautiful, quality linen when going to bed. It contributes to the bliss of rest and the innermost peace of sleep. Wonderful.

  33. elegance…nothing beats pure white linen.I wish to win this as I go through lots of linen with my 2 babies and having only 2 sets would mean that it is inevitably perished.It is such a coincidence that just before I saw this i was changing my linen(promise!)and praying I could afford a new set of white as mine is discoloured. I hope my prayer gets answered now…pretty please

  34. I would really love to win this beautiful bedlinen set from Linen House. I am following Elledecoration South Africa on both facebook and twitter & have also signed up to the Elledecoration newsletter. I have also tweeted as an extra entry for a chance to win!
    My Twittername: online61524.
    Keeping fingers crossed, and Hoping that one of these sets comes my way!

  35. Ah, White you say. Is it a color? They say people are white, is it? They say the air we breathe is white, the wind is white, the water is white, and the snow is white, is it? I don’t really know. But these bedding are white and beautiful, why? It is pure, peaceful, refreshing and off course irresistible. Now who would not want to win this bedding…?Shhh… it is beautiful white linen for me.

  36. My bedroom is my sanctuary, away from the scurry and scamper of being a career woman, mom and wife. This is where my thoughts come out to play and time belongs to me. nothing is more relaxing than ‘mallowy-soft’ bedding hugging me and all anxiety melts away. I thoroughly enjoy the touch and feel of timeless quality bedding. Choose me…no one would appreciate it more! that’s a promise 😉

  37. My bedlinen is really outdated and I can’t afford one because we are saving for our wedding. To think that for the traditional wedding we still have to but bedlinen (Zulu culture), it would be nice to present something this elegant on that day

  38. I viewed most of the duvet sets on the website and must say this is definately the most beautifull sets that I have ever seen. I am busy with a home make over and would definately buy some of these. The quality is good and it is really gorgeous.

  39. Oh. My. Gosh. It looks just like the bed I slept in as a child at my gran’s house! Absolute fairytale gorgeousness…

  40. Your beautiful classic bed linen would be much appreciated, as we are renovating our retirement house. The Linen House quality is rrreally desirable!

  41. With bed linen like this your bedroom will be a tranquil haven. Linen House your bedding is for sure for the homes of discerning people…I love it …

  42. I do need to win this beautiful bedlinen! I have been living in Joburg for just over a year, starting out my career in magazines. In order to move up in the world, I’m pretty sure one needs marvelous bedlinen?

  43. I just moved into a new flat at the end of January and really need to redecorate my bedroom. I have been searching and searching for the most perfect duvet and this Rosetta linen set is absolutely beautiful! The antiquey-type design would match perfectly with the rest of the room. I would be so lucky to own a set as perfect and awesome as this.

  44. To sleep under this beautiful duvet could be alikened to rolling around in a white fluffy cloud. Warm, comfortable and clean – a happy place. Bringing back memories of being a child – safe, content and well-looked after.

    This white, simple, duvet is could make any bedroom a lovely place to want to be. Any home-owner would be lucky to own one!

  45. Breathtakingly beautiful! Gorgeous! Classy! Stunning! Really, really awesome! I would really, really love this linen…

  46. To walk into a bedroom with a bed dressed in this linen would make any bedroom the most serene, peaceful place to retire. Which is exactly what every bedroom should be….a escape to heaven.

  47. Wow,this white linen is so breathtaking. I like it so much. It would lighten up any bedroom. I can just imagine a feeling of having n sleeping in one of those…so white like an angel,surely it will calm down da stress n fatigue n fill u with peacefulness.

  48. I LOVE Linen House bedding!This is the most breathtaking, elegant and tranquil duvet sets I’ve ever seen. It will look perfect in my bedroom 🙂

  49. Hi, kan u my dalk se aa kan ek n elektriesebadkamer haardroer koop,en ‘n plug koppeling vir badkamer se elektriese skeermes?

  50. luxrious whiten linen that transport me to wonderful peaceful tranquility….magical & blissful…my kinda of haven..would love to win this set

  51. Beautiful linen is such a luxury…but we could all do with a spoil like this to make us feel special. Simple but of so elegant. Would love to win this!!

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