Smoozy bedroom furniture
WIN your little one Smoozy bedroom furniture for sweet dreams and stylish playtime

One lucky ELLE Decoration reader stands a chance to win a Smoozy bed and pedestal valued at over R5 000. For your DECO kid, style up nap time and guarantee sweet dreams with this contemporary, quality bedroom furniture your little ones will love.

Smoozy, our latest discovery in high quality kids’ furniture, is a bright new company focusing on the kids décor and furniture market. They are brand spanking new, offer unbelievable service and are, quite rightly, proud of the products on offer in their large range.

Started in March this year, Smoozy boasts a young and dynamic team of sales people, installers and head office managers believing in uncompromising quality and, more importantly, customer service.

Customers are our greatest champions, staff our greatest assets and we believe wholeheartedly in our mission to shake up the furniture and décor market to bring it to life and disrupt the status quo.

From toddlers to teens, the Smoozy offering is extensive but refreshing. Customers will enter the showroom and be amazed by the range – we know that our DECO readers will appreciate the high standards set in designing vibrant, fun, high quality furniture that their kids will love.

As toddlers become kids and kids grow into teens, so their bedroom style must adapt to meet their ever-changing needs. Few of us have the time these days to go from shop to shop looking for the perfect selection of accessories to complete our youngsters’ rooms; Smoozy strives to make our shop a one-stop-shop where all you need for your kids room are met.


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2) Comment below telling us why you think your child deserves to win
brand new bedroom furniture from Smoozy.

Competition ends Midnight 9 October 2015. Winners will be notified via email within two weeks of the closing date.




W: | T: +27 (0)11-262-0299

Sandton Showroom | Top floor, St Leger & Viney Building, 8 Kramer Road, Kramerville, 2196
Trading hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm; Saturday 09:30 am to 2pm; Sunday 10am to 1pm

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  1. I would love to win this price, as our little one is growing up and we are currently working and window shopping for a new bed for little Vera-Lee. She is now 20 months and already a girl that loves beautiful things and appreciates comfort.

    • My little girl would love this. We moved into our new place at the end of June. I’m doing up her room slowly so that she can start sleeping in her own room. This would be a great help and start!

  2. Omigosh, if the competition is open for boys too, I would so love to win a Smoozy bed and pedestal for my precious son, who has never had a suite and whose bedroom has always been a “mish mash” of this and that!

  3. My granddaughter Annabel would love this furniture for her room after the family’s major house renovation is complete. It will coincide with her “big school” year as well.

  4. Oh wow, would love to spoil my little guy! Having a room where you can relax and where you want to spend time is so special! I would love to have the opportunity to decorate my little guys room, to be a room which can grow with him!! Hes been such a blessing in our lives! This furniture is so great, and I know he will get many happy years with it!!

  5. My Boy is 5 years old, we had promised that on his Birthday 26 February, we would have done a makeover in his bedroom.
    It has not happened, my heart sinks a bit when i say this, we have had REAL financial commitments. I love beautiful DECO spaces, i feel i have failed to provide that to my son.
    It would be a blessing to assist us by letting us win this gorgeous gift —–
    i see displayed is a girl’s space, another boy cool colour would be appreciated.
    He will cherish and play more in his room and will use it for many years to come!!

  6. I lost my job end last year, soon after I found out that I was pregnant. I now have two little boys who deserve the best, something I’m not able to provide at the moment. With the Smoozy furniture, their bedrooms will be as beautiful as their hearts ♡

  7. Four years ago, I lost my 35 yr old brother who sadly shot himself in front of my Dad. My brother left behind a 12 yr old son whom I have adopted and take care of. After the loss of his Dad the child became withdrawn, sad & depressed, showed no interest in life and became emotionally disturbed. The teachers at school constantly complained of his behaviour. I gave him all the Love, attention & support he needed to bring him back to normal. It was a difficult journey for both of us but I am so grateful to God that he is now a happy go lucky child. I Love watching him sing, dance, smile and most importantly live Life all over again. He now calls me mum.I am single & the only sole bread winner in the family taking care of my dad who is a pensioner and this wonderful child who is now mine. Due to my immense financial responsibilities of running a household and making ends meet I am unable to provide the child with the extra he deserves. I would love to win this snoozy kids bedroom furniture for him as I truly & whole heartedly feel that he deserves the best.

  8. Our little Lea turned two on the 21st of June. I am still sleeping next to her every single night and would love to win this fantastic prize in order to entice her to move into her own room. I cannot think of anything else that would get her more excited than a brand new bedroom filled with Smoozy kids furniture. 

  9. Would love to have my son’s bedroom structured and organised with matching furniture and a modern look. I know he will love it!

  10. I would like to win this for my niece. She is an absolute angel. At such a young age {5} she has faced a lot of challenges but is a confident sweet young lady. Her favourite colour is pink and this prize is sooooo perfect for her!

  11. My little angel is turning 5 soon, and she is a princess. Would love make her room over with her. She absolutely adores makeovers and I think one day she just might want to get a job in interiors. She loves to give her input when we buy things for the home and always helps us to choose what we want, and I have to say she has great taste!

  12. I would love to surprise my precious pregnant Godchild with this. She is expecting a lil girl. Geez she would be over the moon

  13. With three boys following each other this would be amazing to win as the oldest can use it , then the younger one and finally the baby so this would really be put to good use. They deserve a little luxury as they share beds at the moment.

  14. I would really love to win this for my toddler son, he’s having a sibling on the way in November and would really love to spoil him doing his room up for him. All his baby furniture has been passed onto his sibling so his room needs some big boy furniture. He keeps asking saying don’t worry mom Father Christmas will give me a new room, at 4 years old he’s so mature and considerate about his sibling on the way and is so excited to share everything of his with him. It’s been a breeze passing his baby things down onto the baby without any upsetment. I would really love to win this incredible prize for my son and give him the dream room he’s always wanted. He’s been so excited to have a sibling for years and after 4 misscaridges trying to give him a sibling it’s been hard, now the further along I am and about to pop the reality and excitement about being a big brother has set in. Please holding thumbs my luck is in the stars to win this for my amazing little man. I would be flying over the moon and back if I won this.

  15. My son is 3 years old,we are getting ready for crèche.We just renovated and now he has his own room.We can’t afford his furniture so he hasn’t moved in into his room yet.Its freshly all he needs is a bed of his own,would be great if I could win this prize for him

  16. This is such an amazing beautiful giveaway – I would SO love to win this – its so eye catching and appealing – My baby can have FUN in her stylish room – its stunning décor and Im sure she would love to entertain her friends in room styled by Smoozy # Vibey # Bright # Appealing # Eye Catching # Simply LOVE It # could stay in my room all day long feeling # awesomeness

  17. my child deserves it as he is growing up and don’t have his own room so we have a spare room but we need it to be done up so that is why 🙂

  18. i need a new room I want it to be stylish and cute and plus I deserve one because I never had a room that nice I have a room that’s ugly 🙁

  19. my child deserve this room as she is a good child and as a treat I would love to win this for her she always wanted her own room but we can not afford one that’s beautiful and to her liking

  20. this is perfect for my girls. I have a new baby on the way and have to move my other two girls to the seperate entrance and this would be perfect for their room.

  21. My boy has been a GOOD boy everywhere. his grades are improving, reading skills, playing skills too. It time to spoil him a bit!! FINISH & KLAAR (As someone would famously say).

  22. It would not be for my child but my adorable niece Rebecca. She is almost two and will soon be need a complete bedroom makeover from a babies room to a princess room! She is the sweetest little person who loves playing and reading. I would love her room to be a place she can thrive in.

  23. My daughter just turned 6 on the 21st of September . And on her birthday we received the great news of us securing a home loan for our first home . It would be a great prize to display in my daughter’s first bedroom as now she is currently sharing our room . She thinks that she is an imaginary princess as bedroom demonstrate a room fit for any princess to enjoy sleeping , playing and hosting her tea parties for her fellow princesses.

  24. The perfect furniture for a very special 15th month old baby girl that is well deserving of such functional yet modern design that will last her from the current baby room and for many years I can see her spending days playing and sleeping with such practical timeless furniture.

  25. My baby boy…. 19 months old is sleeping in a cot that is older then 9 years old. Hehe… Shame, it’s actually not funny. He has been using all the hand downs from our 1st born. We would like to modernise his bedroom and also have a brand new awesome bed.

  26. My baby boy…. 19 months old is sleeping in a cot that is older then 9 years old. Hehe… Shame, it’s actually not funny. He has been using all the hand downs from our 1st born. We would like to modernise his bedroom and also have a brand new awesome bed.

  27. I have two boys and both is a huge helping hand with things around the house , with their twin sisters, respectfull and always greatfull for what me and hubby can and cannot afford. We as parents always try our utmost best. It was both our boys birthday this month and its a honour to hav understanding kids like my boys .They deserve so much even to be spoiled .this bed will be a huge change then both won’t sleep on bed as they grow so quick and no more falling of the bed anymore 🙂

  28. I have two boys and both is a huge helping hand around the house, helping with their twin sisters, good to others , learn hard in school , respectfull and always greatfull for what me and hubby can and cannot afford. We as parents always try our utmost best. It was both our boys birthday this month and its a honour to hav understanding kids like my boys .They deserve so much even to be spoiled .This bed will be a huge change then both won’t sleep on one bed as they grow so quick and no more falling of the bed anymore

  29. I feel that my younger daughter deserves this so much because she would then have a bedroom suite she can call her own. Being the younger child she gets all the hand me downs. Although I find this very unfair, I’m a single parent and could not possibly afford to buy her something as pretty as this. I know she would be overjoyed!

  30. there is nothing exciting like having your own bed, ever since she was born she never had her own bed, if the is a spare bed in the house there would always an extra person who is moving in with us, but recently my sister got her own house and moved out with no bed and borrowed hers, so this would mean a new life, a new stage and new beginning with dreams to make sure they coming true. i just can imagining her face when she finally get her own bed.

  31. My little boy deserves to win as we can never afford to give him a room of new furniture just for him and we want him to have a space he would be happy to sleep in and spend time in when it’s raining outside.

  32. My daughter has always had second-hand furniture and hand-me-down stuff. I’d love to give her a bedroom make-over for her 13th birthday coming up soon. Every little girl needs her own pretty private space to gossip with her girlfriends.

  33. Every little girl deserves a pretty private space where she can gossip with her girlfriends. My daughter has always had hand-me-down bedroom furniture so this would be a dream come true for her. It would be brilliant to surprise her with a bedroom make-over for her up-and-coming 13th birthday.

  34. I would love to win the SMOOZY bedroom suite for my granddaughter who will be 6 years of
    age soon and would afford her the independence that she deserves!

  35. I don’t have a daughter of my own, but this would be a great gift for my gorgeous niece, and I would be the best uncle in the world if you would make me win this to give her! 🙂

  36. My granddaughter is currently using a “third hand” bed, so for her to have something new, will mean the world to her

  37. I recently bought a house and the furniture will be a perfect addition to the bedroom for my niece who visits me often. The room will be a great surprise on her next visit during the December holidays

  38. I would love to win this dream bedroom for my granddaughter.She’s turning 2 years old in December.Her parent just moved into a bigger townhouse so that she could have her very own bedroom,as we all know moving is a very expensive thing to do,so there’s no money for a bedroom suite for our little princess now,this would be a dream come true!

  39. My girls have always shared a room and it’s time they each get their own, but I don’t have anything for my little girl yet and this would be perfect

  40. My little girl deserves to win this because she never complains about her room and makes demands on me for new things, so I’d love to spoil her. What a huge surprise!!

  41. 🙂 Following on Twitter!
    My lovely son deserves to win the fabulous Smoozy bedroom furniture because I lost my job in April and things have been very tight indeed. He is an excellent student, turning 10 in November and I would love to spoil him with a fun and funky Smoozy bed that suits his vibrant personality! I would be thrilled for him to have a bedroom that he could be proud of and to have his friends over who can enjoy the Smoozy style!

  42. Mommy loves Deco spaces and for 3 years now, mommy and daddy have been promising Tyler a new bedroom, like the ones in Houzz. We have not been able to afford it, daddy just finished paying lobola and it never ends, please let my son have this dream gift. thank you….

  43. I would love this for my cousin who will be having a baby girl in early next year! what a gorgeous dreamy girly room for any little angel to enter the world into! <3

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