Woodbender is a South African manufacturer of solid bentwood furniture established by the Mast family in 1988. Specialising in seating and chairs specifically but not exclusively, Woodbender has become a leading supplier to restaurants, hotels, designers and home owners over the years. Woodbender uses sustainably sourced Ash timber which they steam and bend to create the components parts of all their furniture.


The benefits of using bentwood components are that the inherent strength of the timber is preserved through the wood grain as it is not interrupted. The bent components require fewer joins in assembly which together result in a strong and durable product. Further benefits include that bending significantly reduces timber wastage as thin strips are bent into curves rather than cut out. This means that out of the same plank that you would cut out 1 curved part Woodbender can produce 4 curved parts. The strength of the product provides longevity to it which means that the vicious cycle of consumerism isn’t fed by having to constantly replace your furniture. Bentwood furniture is also unique as the art of bending wood is fast becoming forgotten with few companies in the world still using the technique.


All Woodbender products are made at the factory in Strand, Western Cape. Each item of furniture passes through no less than 20 pairs of hands – a truly handmade product. Woodbender has a team of highly skilled men and women, some of which have been at the company for nearly 20 years. The secret to Wooodbender is the people that work there and the process that they use. Both of which are integral to the uniqueness and success of the Woodbender product.

Woodbender specializes in hospitality furniture as the strength and durability of the products are the driving force in design and manufacture methods. All Woodbender furniture is designed to withstand the grueling work of high traffic environments such as coffee shops. Having said that, Woodbender furniture also holds a great appeal to the private home owner who is looking to support local and buy well, investing in a product that will not only serve them but generations to come.

Woodbender has an extensive range of dining chairs, kitchen stools, bar stools, tubs and two seaters, tables and a children’s range. All the furniture is made to order and according to client specifications in terms of the timber finish and fabric creating room for individuality and the perfect end product for the space it is going into.

All images courtesy of Woodbender 

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