Holly Meadows
Holly Meadows, Assistant Editor at ELLE, shares her summer beauty essentials with DECO

Our sisters upstairs at ELLE are all rather gorgeous; they’re those type of gals with impeccable wardrobes, flawless skin and fabulous taste. It’s time we find out their secrets. Meet the beautiful Brit, and Assistant Editor at ELLE, Holly Meadows. 

As you get ready for summer, what’s on your beauty essentials list?

A tangle teazer, coconut oil, Nivea soft crème, Argan oil for my hair and lots of bold lipsticks in hues from pink to red.

What’s your suncream of choice?

This summer I am going to try Lipidol (below) – I love the minimal packaging and branding. Now it’s time to test the product.

Lipidol | ELLE Decoration SA

Who would you most like to invite to a dinner party? What would you serve?

James Franco and Theo James – for separate dinners and for reasons that need no explanation. I would ply them with wine, lots of it. A girl can dream!

James Franco | Elle Decoration SA
Theo James and James Franco
What books are on your summer inspiration list? 

I read so much at work that for me books must be frivolous, indulgent, easy and an escape. This summer I will be revisiting my favourite audio book A Dark Tourist by Dom Joly, and I am about to start The Little Flower Shop By The Sea by Ali McNamara – it’s a love story set in a little Cornish harbour town.

You have just bought your first house: what advice can you give first time home owners? 

Follow your instinct: when you know, you know. As soon as I stepped into my cottage it just felt right – I loved the energy, the light, the charm and the character. It ticked all of my boxes.

When buying a house, it’s always important to remind yourself of your criteria before you get too carried away.

On the practical side, if you’re buying into wooden floors, make sure your offer to purchase includes a beetle clause, and insist on a damp-proof certificate too – this is something I didn’t do and I’m paying the price for it now.

What has been hardest part about buying a house? 

Discovering its many flaws – the leaky bath, the damp walls, the broken shutters and the old ’70s wiring. That, and being taken for a ride as a single woman by your plumber, electrician and mickey mouse carpenter. Buying a house comes with many unwelcome surprises, and you will feel like you are continuously hemorrhaging your paycheck. All this and I still wouldn’t give it up for the world.

The best? 

Seeing your vision get closer to reality and watching it take shape and form into something very beautiful. I bought an old Victorian corner cottage built in 1903; needless to say it has needed much work and an ability to always imagine what could be.

What is on your decor wish list? 

Next year I plan to renovate and do a loft conversion – this will require a hefty wish list of decor items! Included are a resin, claw foot slipper tub, an up-cycled pin-cushion headboard and a Smeg Heritage Gas oven. I would also love the entire series of photographs taken at the Sea Point pools by local photographer Shani Judes.

Shani Judes | ELLE Decoration SA
Sea Point Pavilion Exhibition, Currently up at Kleinsky’s Delicatessen, 95 Regent Road Sea Point
How would you describe your decor style?

It’s traditional cottage with a modern edge. I love clever juxtapositions, like my steel drum coffee table against old Oregon floor boards.

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