Megan Hesse Anatomy Design interiors tips

When we asked Megan Hesse from Anatomy Design to take part in our #askDECO live Twitter interview, we were glued to her insider tips on interiors, trends and cracking into the competitive world of interior design.

Along with her business partner Andrea Kleinloog, Megan has run the interior design studio in Johannesburg since 2009, focusing on really unique spaces. The busy pair also own a retail store that houses their designs, as well as a collection of other brands they’ve carefully curated.

We were lucky enough to get Megan’s top tips of the trade and she even gave us some bonus advice that didn’t feature in her Twitter interview. If you missed Megan’s chat, make sure you follow us on @ELLE_Deco so you catch the next one.

Megan Hesse & Andrea Kleinloog - Anatomy Design - co-op library

Megan’s top 5 interiors tips:

How can I comfortably add a working/study area into a large living room?
Be less ‘traditional’ about your work area, eg: select a table that looks like it belongs like a 50’s dining table… Storage also plays a key role in a mixed use area. Think interesting boxes and baskets!

What’s the easiest current design trend for us to work into our home?
Pattern – you can incorporate it into your home through affordable items such as wallpaper, scatter cushions or ceramics.

In #Ideas101 our new issue, we’ve just launched #DECOkid. Any tips for designing kids’ rooms?
Create a relaxed space that won’t age too quickly. Lighting is crucial- if possible use a mixture of soft and bright light.

We love beautiful things, but often have a strict interiors budget! How should we prioritise?
Invest in timeless pieces that will not date, spend less on fashionable items. There will always be a new trend.

We’re all about kitchens in #Ideas101. What’s the most important aspect to kitchen design?
A lot of clever storage but making sure there is enough surface space, and good ventilation.

Megan Hesse & Andrea Kleinloog - Anatomy Design - kitchen diner

And 5 things you didn’t learn on Twitter…

Do you prefer tackling residential or commercial projects & why?
Commercial projects as they allow you to be both imaginative and practical, you are challenged to improve what has been created before.

What is the most exciting thing about designing in South Africa right now?
There is a wealth of people with brilliant skills that are able to create (and contribute to) your designs.

What are the challenges and rewards you find working in a partnership?
A working partnership allows for most wonderful support system, it gives you a confidant who wants the best for you and your company. It is always challenging to make sure you take on a selection of projects that fulfils the both of you.

How did you get into the industry & what would you advise design students today?
I studied Interior Design and then simply approached the companies I believed in. Research who you want to work for before you approach them, make sure you personalise each and every enquiry.

Beginners can find interior design quite daunting – any advice for all our novices here?
Get any (and as much) work experience possible.

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All pictures courtesy of Anatomy Design, featuring their stunning interiors work.