To celebrate this festive season and as our gift to you, our loyal readers, ELLE Decoration’s 25 Days of Giving is here to bring you daily prizes of the best in decor and design. Go on and enter – you could be one of our daily winners!

Today in our 25 Days of Giving celebration, Crema Design are offering a Spice Grinder by Tom Dixon worth R1 869!


The simplest of tools, you use the pressure of your palm to roll the ball into the marble and pulverise the spices. Tested and approved by the Crema Design London kitchen.



Follow @Elle_Deco on Twitter and @ElleDecorationSouthAfrica on Facebook. In the comments below, tag #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign and #25DaysOfGiving and tell us what dish you’d make with your freshly ground spices. Good luck!

T’s & C’s

Each competition will go live at 8am and close at 4pm on their respective days. The winners will be selected at random and the previous week’s winners will be announced at 12pm every Monday on our Facebook page. Prizes are to be delivered by end of January 2016, or at the discretion of the respective client.


  1. A mouth watering Leg of Lamb infused with aromatic spices that will surely enhance the lamb & take it to new culinary heights, that will surely make you salivate..delish#fine cooking # love it – absolutely FAB giveaway..(following on fb & twitter…;-)…)

  2. I would make a chicken korma grinding the spices with the gorgeous spice grinder by Tom Dixon.
    #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign and #25DaysOfGiving

  3. I always make a “Josh Groban”, curried slow roasted lamb and I use Jamie Oliver’s recipe. To make this curry there is a list of 6 or 7 spices that have to be roasted and then grinded. I had no grinder or mortar & pestle the other day. With great difficulty i hit the roasted spices with a rolling pin!. I hope for this ;D #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign and #25DaysOfGiving

  4. I would make a delicious Fish Curry utilising the fabulous Crema Design Spice Grinder- there is nothing to compare with freshly ground spices and this would elevate my dish into new heights! #ElleDeco #CremaDesign and #25DaysOfGiving

  5. I would definitely make a mouth watering lamb Rogan Josh with rotis #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign and #25DaysOfGiving

  6. I will make my famous Chicken Curry with a touch of Rosemary #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign and #25DaysOfGiving

  7. #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign #25DaysofGiving
    I will make a green salad with salmon strips healthy and delicious

  8. #ElleDeco #CremaDesign #25DaysOfGiving I will make my husbands favourite 18 spice fragrant lamb curry with a difference by grinding my own spices and not use ground spices ever again. I can already taste & smell the differece

    • Congratulations Hilary! You’re our lucky winner! Please email your postage details so we can arrange delivery of your prize. If we do not hear from you within two weeks, a new winner will be selected. Please not that all prizes will be delivered by February 2016.

  9. I would make a delicious, proudly South African Cape Malay curry. Using this gorgeous grinder to grind and mix cumin, turmeric, cloves, coriander, and cinnamon together, I would prepare a dish that is fragrant and hearty, perfect for Christmas in South Africa!

    #ElleDeco #CremaDesign #25DaysOfGiving

  10. #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign #25DaysOfGiving
    I would make a lovely traditional Carribean Pepperpot!
    Christmas is all about #traditions

  11. #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign and #25DaysOfGiving, I would make curry or a delicious home made salad many options with this wonderful and stylish “kitchen helper”.

  12. I would make a traditional bobotie with added ground spices of turmeric, gara masala, cloves and cinnamon which make the flavour really intense and complex. #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign and #25DaysOfGiving

  13. #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign #25DaysOfGiving

    Would definitely use the Spice Grinder for chilli, garlic and basil for yummy asian infused dishes – soba noodles, flash fried prawns tossed in sesame oil and fresh basil chilli paste!

  14. I would make homemade zatar to have over a delicious roast chicken!
    #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign #25DaysOfGiving

  15. I would attempt to make my own basil pesto or hummus or chilly paste or curry paste or…darn it, endless! It just so pretty I would think of any excuse to hold it in my hands! #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign and #25DaysOfGiving

  16. I would make my own blends, for everything! I’m pretty sure pesto will taste better out of this beauty! *Followed Elle Deco on FB and Twitter.
    #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign #25DaysOfGiving

  17. I’ve got a recipe for a super hot and tasty seafood curry with amazing depth of flavour from freshly ground spices. #ElleDeco #CremaDesign #25DaysOfGiving

  18. #ElleDeco, #CremaDesign and #25DaysOfGiving I would make roast lamb leg , perfect for a Christmas lunch .

  19. I would grind my rice kernels for making the perfect shortbread. This gadget looks space age enough to get the little ones wanting to help

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