To celebrate this festive season and as our gift to you, our loyal readers, ELLE Decoration’s 25 Days of Giving is here to bring you daily prizes of the best in decor and design. Go on and enter – you could be one of our daily winners!

Today in our 25 Days of Giving celebration, Dear Rae Jewellery is offering a Gold Coil Pendant worth R1 850!


Dear Rae Jewellery is made up of natural lines and simplistic forms translated into gold, silver, brass and copper, with the occasional gemstone. These precious pieces are designed to be worn everyday. They celebrate the beauty and ease of simplicity and translate into functional jewellery.

Launched in 2010, each Dear Rae piece is designed and made by Karin Rae Matthee and her five hand picked manufacturers at her Cape Town based studio. The studio and workshop create one space, allowing the ancient art of jewellery making to be exposed to all who visit.

Dear Rae believes that each piece of jewellery is a treasured adornment. Working with solid sterling silver and gold, each ring, pendant and bracelet is made to tell a story of its own.


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T’s & C’s

Each competition will go live at 8am and close at 4pm on their respective days. The winners will be selected at random and the previous week’s winners will be announced at 12pm every Monday on our Facebook page. Prizes are to be delivered by end of January 2016, or at the discretion of the respective client.


  1. I feel that I deserve the beautiful unique treasured pendant by #DearRae because 2015 has been an extremely stressful year and this would provide the antidote!

  2. It’s such a gorgeous piece and I’m sure it would bring happiness to the wearer, hopefully i get lucky in thee draw.
    #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  3. Unique pendant designed by Karin Rae Matthee of DearRae is a real treasure and should be treated with care – I would love to have it and would treat it with the respect it deserves! #ElleDeco #DearRae and #25Daysof Giving

  4. #ElleDeco, #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving I deserve to win cause I have working very hard all year and deserve a good spoil. And a girl can never have too much jewellery

  5. I would love to win this, I lost my job this year so money has been really tight
    #ElleDeco, #DearRae and #25DaysOfGiving

  6. #ElleDeco, I allready own a few #DearRae pieces, mostly rings, and would love to compliment them with this necklace. I think I should win this #25DaysOfGiving because I just really, really like this necklace :))

  7. #ElleDeco, #DearRae and#25DaysOfGiving the pendant is beautiful, modern and gold. Would love to own a gold necklace.

  8. #ElleDeco, #DearRae and #25DaysOfGiving
    I would love to win this pendant, I have admired their products for years and am a firm supporter. Would love to show off their brand in more ways

  9. Every lady deserves Dear Rae spoils. This will be the perfect touch to my 2016 outfits. A new job in the design industry calls for some Dear Rae delight. #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  10. I am starting a new job in a new (to me) industry in another city. Beautiful things such as this pendant gives me small confidence boosts needed for such a big change #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  11. My daughter absolutely LOVES Dear Rae Jewellery – would love to see her eyes light up with this beautiful piece. She has just graduated and absolutely deserves it 🙂 #ElleDeco, #DearRae and #25DaysOfGiving

  12. This would be the ultimate addition to my summer wardrobe. Absolultely love Dear Rae – Beautiful #ElleDeco, #DearRae and #25DaysOfGiving

  13. I adore necklaces and a Dear Rae pendant would wool magnificent on my long neck #Elledeco #dearrae#25daysofgiving

  14. #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving I am starting a new job in Jan 2016 and this would be the perfect piece to adorn my neck and make sure I make a stunning first impression! I am following you on all social media (@Roxi_23 on Twitter and Roxanne Chutthergoon on Facebook)

  15. I Promise I’ve been good this year! Also this is just the most beautiful gift. I’ve always wanted a Dear Rae piece ♡♡

    #elledeco #25daysofgiving #dearrae

  16. Hey #ElleDecor and #DearRae I would like to win this necklace so I can give it to my sister! She really keeps our family together and always picks us up no matter how weak she feels!

    The Perfect #25DaysOfGiving

  17. I would love to give my wonderful mother a Dear Rae neckless for everything she has done for our family. #ElleDeco, #DearRae and #25DaysOfGiving

  18. Dear Rae always inspires with beautifully grafted jewelry. I would love to be inspired by this necklace in 2016 #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  19. I love LOVE loove Dear Rae, I have some of her heart collection and delicious monster pendants. WOULD be amazing to receive this new piece for Christmas! #ElleDeco, #DearRae and #25DaysOfGiving. Been following on twitter. LOVE a true Elle Belle!!

  20. Perfect ending to the journey that led us to the end of the year. A key piece of jewellery to add that extra shine to everyday and outfit. Please make this first win ever…#ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  21. Supporting local design and creative thinking has always been important to me. Following the new direction of Dear Rae’s work online has been exciting, and I love her new #shashe range. Between the excitement of beautiful jewellery design in Cape Town and waiting for the next issue of Elle Decor, it’s like Christmas came early.

    #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  22. #ElleDeco, #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving I deserve to win cause I work very hard all year and deserve a good spoil.

  23. I absolutely love Dear Rae and have ever since discovering the beautiful line at the Design Indaba hosted at the ICC in 2011 – such beautifully elegant pieces. I would be beyond thrilled to own this absolutely gorgeous necklace!! #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysofGiving

  24. #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving What a beautiful piece…feel like I deserve a little beauty in my life…I’m sure we all do, but hopefully I’m the lucky onethis time 🙂

  25. I would love this stunning necklace around my neck would fit perfectly with my Dear Rae wedding band that has earned me so much compliments #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  26. My fiancée Samantha definitely deserves this being as beautiful as she is – and I could use the brownie points 🙂 #ElleDeco, #DearRae and #25DaysOfGiving

  27. Its made with such excellence — lovely!
    I can imagine dressed all in white and allowing it to stand out 🙂

    #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  28. #ElleDeco #25DaysOfGiving #DearRae I would wear this with joy and happiness! I would pass this beautiful piece through generations to be worn also with joy keeping it ageless❤

  29. I have always struggled to find jewelry that I feel comfortable wearing. From the first moment I discovered Dear Rae in Woodstock that has changed. I have only bought rings from them and i have not been brave enough to buy neck pieces, but I think this necklace would change that. I love their understated simple design that radiates femininity! #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  30. I feel like I deserve/want/need this because it might detract from the shocking new haircut I gave MYSELF last night.

    (#ElleDeco, #DearRae and #25DaysOfGiving)

  31. #DearRae gets it right every time, if I won the Gold Coil Pendant it would be the best Christmas present I could give my Mom who loves Dear Rae Jewellery as much as I do. #ElleDeco #25DaysOfGiving #makemymomsday #supportlocal

  32. I don’t deserve this nearly as much as my beautiful sister does. She just graduated her honours and I’m so proud of her. She is my best friend and I’d love to win this for her as she is always thinking of others and not herself.
    #ElleDeco, #DearRae and #25DaysOfGiving

  33. #DearRae is one of my absolute favourite local designers. Her pieces express such beauty through simplicity. The new Shashe range whispers of Africa and shows off just abit of what our country has to offer. I would wear this gorgeous pendant with pride and grace. #ElleDeco #25DaysOfGiving #Localislovley

  34. #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving
    I love this piece! I never win anything so winning this would be the best Christmas Present ever. It has been a tough year and winning would be a positive start to 2016

  35. #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysofGiving 🙂 This stunning yet simple pendant will look perfect as a signature piece of jewelry for the new year, could be used everyday to add something special to and outfit or as a wonderful addition to a special outfit for a night out. Either way, this would really make me smile 😀

  36. The last necklace I had was stolen so this will be a precious gift to me #ElleDeco, #DearRae and #25DaysOfGiving

  37. #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving
    The world needs to see the love that goes into this kind of work!! I would wear it with JOY and a giant smile!! 🙂

  38. its such a stunning gift, I would treasure this # selfish to say I deserve it but I love to own this # beautiful # stunning..# #ElleDeco, #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  39. I need this necklace in my life because I’m stress eating my feelings about still being at work when everyone else is on holiday, and will probably turn into a little whale creature/post Christmas dinner blob very soon; hence I deserve something pretty to help me through the very real struggle that is using up all one’s leave before December 🙁 Also, I love Dear Rae 🙂

  40. I am able to enter because well, I’m still at work.perhaps winning on of dear rae’s stunning pieces will offer me some comfort!!!!! #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysofGiving

    LOVE Elle and excited to see what next year brings!

  41. #ElleDeco, #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving i deserve this beautiful Dear Rae necklace. because i need something bright and sparke to cheer me up after this long year and many troubles i go through to put some peace in my heart and looking foward for a better and happy 2016

  42. I deserve this beautiful Dear Rae necklace because I passed my final year of studies with Cum Laude and believe it could make a great token for celebrations this festive season #ElleDeco, #DearRae

  43. As a new mommy, I spent my entire Christmas bonus on baby gear: breast pump, bottles, nappies, high chair, bouncy seat, toys… you name it! I would love a little something to spoil myself with as this year comes to an end! #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  44. I deserve the Dear Rae necklace for getting through a challenging year and also to add a sparkle to this festive season #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  45. I’m the Dear Rae’s biggest admirer and still yet to own a piece of their jewellery! This would be the most wonderful early Christmas gift! #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  46. I would love this pendent because I’ve been following Karin and her Dear Rae designs for a while and this piece is the one I’m drooling over the most. I always get so intrigued by her latest collections and the Shashe one is definitely my new favourite. Also it would go perfectly with all my summer bohemian looks 😉

    #ElleDeco, #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  47. I would love the #DearRae Shashe gorgeous pendant to give to my mom to start her year on a beautiful note. Heres to a stunning 2016 filled with beautiful things. #25DaysOfGiving #ElleDeco

  48. This christmas is a quiet christmas with work not being great and hubby his own boss can’t afford to get a bonus or extra pay check as he has to pay his staff first so we having a quiet Christmas with a small R100 gift each put under the tree. This would be so amazing to win and brighten up my Christmas being a tired new mommy who has her down days this would be so fantastic. #ElleDeco, #DearRae and #25DaysOfGiving

  49. I would win husband of the year if i win this, so that would make me a winner twice!
    #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

  50. #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving
    I am sure I deserve this just for having two wonderful children who are twins. I am super lucky 🙂

  51. If I win this, I woud give it to my sister – she has had her eye on this necklace… #ElleDeco #DearRae #25DaysOfGiving

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