To celebrate this festive season and as our gift to you, our loyal readers, ELLE Decoration’s 25 Days of Giving is here to bring you daily prizes of the best in decor and design. Go on and enter – you could be one of our daily winners!

Today in our 25 Days of Giving celebration, online education company GetSmarter are offering an incredible Interior Design Online Short Course worth R7 900!


Innovative design has come to characterise every aspect of contemporary life. Interior aesthetics, in particular, affect the way people live, feel, work and play. The need for creative commercial and living spaces has led to an increased demand for interior designers with a trained creative eye.

Is this course for you?

The course offers a foundation in interior design theory, and teaches the practical skills required to succeed in this challenging creative industry. Throughout the course, you are able to practically apply your knowledge by creating 3D designs in SketchUp, which is a free industry-standard software package.

The GetSmarter Interior Design short course is a great choice for you if:

  • You’re currently working in the industry, looking to start your own business or you’re wanting to pursue a new personal challenge
  • You’re a self-made or aspiring interior designer and you’re ready to set yourself apart in this competitive industry
  • You’re in a related field, like hospitality, property, events management, wedding planning, fashion design or furniture design


If you’re keen on exploring a career in interior design or decorating consider the Interior Design short course presented by online education company GetSmarter. Alternatively, visit to view our full portfolio of over 30 online short courses designed to help you advance in your career.


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T’s & C’s

Each competition will go live at 8am and close at 4pm on their respective days. The winners will be selected at random and the previous week’s winners will be announced at 12pm every Monday on our Facebook page. Prizes are to be delivered by end of January 2016, or at the discretion of the respective client.


  1. I have always had an interest in interior design, but unfortunately lacked the expertise – this would be an ideal opportunity to hone my skills #ElleDeco #GetSmarter and #25DaysOfGiving

  2. #ElleDeco, #GetSmarter #25DaysOfGiving , I love interior design and i have a knack for it. This course would just help me to make a living from something i love.

  3. I’m taking a gap year next year and I’m extremely interested in interior design. I have been looking at a few courses, but cannot afford it at the moment. This would be such a blessing to me! ♡

    #elledeco #25daysofgiving #getsmarter

  4. I’ve always had a flair for Interior Design & have been doing it informally for friends & family. I could never afford to go on any course as I’ve always used my finances to provide for & educate family members. I’d love to study this, as a gift to myself … So I’d love to win this prize 🙂 #ElleDeco, #GetSmarter and #25DaysOfGiving

  5. #ElleDeco, #GetSmarter


    The wheels in my brain turn when I see a mismatched place and I have this instant want to fix it and make things look pretty!

  6. I would make an excellent interior decorator as I always high jack my friends’ interior design ventures – i just cant help myself. i struggle to watch tv as my living room is not finished yet and I cant stop decorating it in my head. My favourite shows are interior decorating shows and I only buy interior magazines. I would rather buy something for my home than something for myself -new clothes or beauty treatments?…nah I’ll take a lamp. o yes, and I’m also in a related industry – I have a luxury home fragrance range (candles, reed diffusers and atmosphere&linen mists) and would soon like to open an elegant showroom that can double up as an interior store.
    #ElleDeco, #GetSmarter #25DaysOfGiving

  7. I have no qualifications or experience with regard to interior decoration but I have a keen interest in it. Think I’d be “incredible” at it because I’m constantly making changes at home & I’m always on the look out for new home decor/improvement ideas #ElleDeco, #GetSmarter and #25DaysOfGiving

  8. #ElleDeco #GetSmarter #25DaysOfGiving I would be an excellent interior design because I have an eye for detail and love matching and playing with colour & style, unique in my very own trends 🙂

  9. I like re arranging my house, and always come up with innovative way to make my home look stylish with no cost. I like recycling using empty tins to design awesome decoration around the house.. #ElleDeco, #GetSmarter and #25DaysOfGiving

  10. I am a self taught interior designer, I been offering my services to families and friends for 2 years now.. I need formal training to get my business off the ground. #ElleDeco, #GetSmarter #25DaysOfGiving

  11. I firmly believe that you are what you surround yourself with, therefore making the space that you occupy beautiful is a must. I’d love to learn about interior design beyond reading magazines, then I could help others create beauty in their day-to-day lives. #ElleDeco #GetSmarter #25DaysOfGiving

  12. I have been helping out at a friend’s design company and have enjoyed the creativeness. I am interested in learning more…

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