To celebrate this festive season and as our gift to you, our loyal readers, ELLE Decoration’s 25 Days of Giving is here to bring you daily prizes of the best in decor and design. Go on and enter – you could be one of our daily winners!

Today in our 25 Days of Giving celebration, Loads of Living is offering a R1 500 voucher!


In 1994 the first Loads of Living (then called Loads of Linen) opened in Emmarentia, Johannesburg. The idea was new and novel to South Africa; a dedicated emporium selling quality & luxurious bedding with matching accessories for the home, this created much excitement and an unforgettable shopping experience that still lingers in the memories of South Africans.

Today Loads of Living, has 14 stores countrywide, and has gone back to its roots. Loads of Living prides itself as a specialised retailer and leader in quality bedding with matching accessories. At Loads of Living you will discover a wide range of bedding to cater for all tastes, needs and budgets, not discounting thread’s count with a choice ranging from 200 to 1000 thread counts in a variety of cottons, colours and designs.


Follow @Elle_Deco on Twitter and @ElleDecorationSouthAfrica on Facebook. In the comments below, tag #ElleDeco#LoadsOfLiving and #25DaysOfGiving and tell us what you’d purchase with your Loads of Living voucher. Good luck!

T’s & C’s

Each competition will go live at 8am and close at 4pm on their respective days. The winners will be selected at random and the previous week’s winners will be announced at 12pm every Monday on our Facebook page. Prizes are to be delivered by end of January 2016, or at the discretion of the respective client.


  1. Ooh Wow I would definitely buy some new Linen and some gorgeous classic bedside lights! #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGivingElleDeco

  2. I would purchase some Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases that Loads of Living is infamous for. Why? Because life is too short to be sleeping on inferior bedding❤️ And I can feel like a princess everytime I go to bed!
    #ElleDeco #LoadsOfLiving

  3. I’d like to buy some #LoadsOfLiving feather pillows, a scatter Girolata leaf scatter pillow to add some color and warm grey voile curtains to finish off the look #ElleDeco #25DaysOfGiving

  4. we’ve recently got a bigger place and slowly doing up my babies room so will definitely use that voucher to get the odds i still need #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

  5. I quite fancy the accessories – quirky the modern desk lamp , the cupcake stand bunny – The giveaways are so appealing # love it #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving and #25DaysOfGiving – liked n shared on FB, tweeted…#love it

  6. I would buy loads and loads of linen , only Egyptian 1000 thread ❤️❤️❤️ #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGivingElleDeco

  7. #ElleDeco #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving Definitely New Linen, mine are very old and I really need new linen, fingers crossed

  8. I’d love some new curtains for the lounge! And maybe some cute accent cushions to go along with it.

    #elledeco #loadsofliving #25daysofgiving

  9. I would definitely buy a 300TC Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover! 🙂 #ElleDeco #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

  10. would definitely spoil myself by purchaing some luxurious bed linen from Loads of Living #ElleDeco #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

  11. As much as I can!! moving into my first flat in 2016 and need everything!!#ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving and #25DaysOfGiving

  12. I’d buy fresh new linen – the 300 thread count charcoal Egyptian Cotton. #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving and #25DaysOfGiving

  13. #ElleDeco #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

    I would like to purchase new bed linen: a comforter set and some bath towels

  14. I’d love so new crisp white sheets for my bedroom and some lovely accessories to go along with it.

    #elledeco #loadsofliving #25daysofgiving


  15. I would purchase some new white sheets and bedding for my bed, it will make moving into my new flat so much more comfy and luxurious #25DaysOfGivibg #LoadsOfLiving #ElleDeco

  16. Stunning giveaway! I would definitely invest in some new sheets and bathroom towels! X
    #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving and #25DaysOfGiving

  17. #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving and #25DaysOfGiving

    I would upgrade my bedding with some gorgeous new scatter cushions. Always a “lust have” when I walk past the store

  18. #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving this is a great giveaway, love there things i would treat my self to some Egyptian cotton towels

  19. #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving i would love some new curtains i would pick the NATURAL LOUNGE CURTAINS and some scatter cousins

  20. I would buy stunning white sheets, matching duvet cover and pillowcases with a thread count above 300. #ElleDeco #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

  21. I would get my self a good pillow like the gel contour pillow #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

  22. love the linens from Loads of Living so will definitely stock up on some crisp new bed linen #ElleDeco #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

  23. I’d love some new linen and some scatter cushions to top it off. Loads of Living has so many gorgeous things to choose from. I’d definitely be spoilt for choice 🙂 #ElleDeco #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

  24. could really do with some beautiful bed linen so this is an awesome prize to win #ElleDeco #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

  25. #ElleDeco #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

    I would splurge on Egyptians flat-sheets and towels.
    Classic stainless steel tray and soap dispenser

  26. OMG IMAGINE winning!! I would so buy the 800 TC Egyptian Cotton Duvet R1499,00 perfect huh!! #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

  27. I’d love to buy new bed linen – it’s been years and our linen is old, thin, faded and pretty much ugly. The Loads of Living store nearby has the most divine bed linen in stock right now.
    #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

  28. I would love a new duvet set as mine is soooo last year please Santa who is sponsored by #ElleDeco #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving ive been an amazingly good girl!+!

  29. There is nothing quite like having new high quality linen on your bed – the Egyptian Cotton ones would be perfect and a few scatter cushions to ‘cheer’ up my lounge – what an amazing transformation could be achieved!!!

  30. #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving and #25DaysOfGiving
    I would buy towels and more towels and give each my sisters a set

  31. Would love to put the voucher towards linen and curtains for my bedroom 🙂 #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGiving

  32. #ELLEDECO please make my year and let me win this amazing #LOADSOFLIVING voucher so that I can buy myself some brand spanking new luxury linen!! Egyptian cotton ♥ #25DAYSOFGIVEAWAYS

  33. With my Loads of Living voucher, I will buy curtains for my bedroom and Bed Linen for my Mom’s room. #ElleDeco, #LoadsOfLiving #25DaysOfGivingElleDeco

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