To celebrate this festive season and as our gift to you, our loyal readers, ELLE Decoration’s 25 Days of Giving is here to bring you daily prizes of the best in decor and design. Go on and enter – you could be one of our daily winners!

Today in our 25 Days of Giving campaign, Mobelli is giving away a Cooper Cooler® worth R1 500!


The Cooper Cooler® is the world’s most impressive drink chiller. Chill your drinks up to 90 times faster. The Cooper Cooler® can chill your drinks on demand with just a touch of a button!

Features and Benefits:

• Super chills drinks 90 times faster!
• Sleek in design – comes in a metal silver color
• Easy to use – add ice and water, plug in to electricity and you are ready to go
• Use it on cans, beer and wine bottles
• Portable – use it at home or on the go. The Cooper Cooler® comes with a car adapter so you can use it on boats, road trips, tailgates, and many other places!
• Saves you space in the fridge for more food!
• Drink ice cold drinks that are not watered down!
• Never serve your guests warm drinks again!
• Chill on demand™ It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s now at Mobelli!



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T’s & C’s

Each competition will go live at 8am and close at 4pm on their respective days. The winners will be selected at random and the previous week’s winners will be announced at 12pm every Monday on our Facebook page. Prizes are to be delivered by end of January 2016, or at the discretion of the respective client.


  1. I entertain 3 to 4 times a week. I love having people over to sample both my food and my wine pairings. This would fit into my kitchen perfectly. I always run out of space to keep wine chilled. Following @lallbahadur#ElleDeco, #Mobelli and #25DaysOfGiving

  2. I read about the cooler in a blog once and I thought I just have to have it. It was a little out of my budget but I would really love to get my hands on this because I love chilled wine, especially in summer. It will be great to have my drinks cooled on demand.

  3. #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving this cooper cooler would such great addition this summer, for cooling my wines when I have guests or when I just feel like a class to cool me down.

  4. What an amazing boon to keep the wine. beer & other beverages cool as there is never sufficient room in the Fridge when entertaining, more especially over the festive season!!
    The COOPER COOLER would be the solution!!!! #ElleDeco #Mobelli and #25DaysOfGiving

  5. divine giveaway @ cool prize..# Super chills drinks 90 times faster & portable WoW WoW WOW # Would be the ideal Cooler for me # super kool # love – likedn n shared on FB, tweeted # fab giveaway

  6. I love my wine chilled and what better way to keep it that way when outdoors, this Cooper Cooler will come in very handy #ElleDeco, #Mobelli and #25DaysOfGiving

  7. What an amazing product! This is what my summer needs . Keeping drinks cool is hard and no one likes warm white wine or sparkling wine so this cooler is just perfect.
    #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  8. I need it cause we have a very close knit family and have get- togethers all the time so this will definitely be a lifesaver for the very special occasions. #ElleDeco, #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  9. What an awesome win <3 #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving The Cooper Cooler® would be the ultimate thing to own this holiday especially with the hot and humid east coast summer.

  10. #ElleDecor #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving We entertain en swim a lot and this would be perfect for those warm sunny days next to the pool

  11. I love my drinks chilled and what better way to keep it that way when outdoors, this Cooper Cooler will come in very handy #ElleDeco, #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  12. Fantastic item, and would love to win it as it is just perfect for our hot summers! X
    #ElleDeco, #Mobelli and #25DaysOfGiving

  13. Wow! How cool is that! We’re wine lovers, and I need it simply because it’s absolutely theee swankiest thing I’ve seen this year. #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  14. This is a cool giveaway! We often have our family over and this would be perfect for cooling wine on demand, as our fridge is always so full especially when I entertain! #ElleDeco, #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  15. #ElleDeco, #Mobelli and #25DaysOfGiving with the hot months we need to keep cool and entertaining is a given.We are Capetonians and therefore wine drinkers.The lovely wine cooler will grace my table wherever we are having a get together whether at the poolside or the formal dining area.It is simply stunning

  16. Now this would solve many a warm drink moments in my home. Absolutely need this #ElleDeco #25DaysOfGiving #Mobelli

  17. #ElleDeco, #Mobelli and #25DaysOfGiving. I literally can not function without chilled beverages even in winter. I don’t drink any hot drinks and this gadget will simplify my life.

  18. I love all my drinks icy and this device would allow me to free up my fridge space for other grocery items. My fridge is full of water bottles and ice. #ElleDeco, #Mobelli and #25DaysOfGiving

  19. Wow, this is the perfect solution for the unexpected visitor – especially this time of year! Cold wine in no time and the Cooper Cooler® will save so much time when entertaining especially if the fridge is full of food and snacks and there’s no space for chilling bottles! Superb! #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  20. When I entertain I always forget to cool the drinks. This would be awesome & save me the embarrassment when I have people over. #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  21. I love wine, and I have a nice collection. This would work very well when it’s time to serve the wine #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  22. Its HOT here… if I can’t cool my drinks super quick, I might have to move to frozen climes, and nobody wants live there. Help me stay in SA. #ElleDeco, #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  23. This is exactly what I need this summer. It’s absolutely perfect for me to take to braai’s and on holiday. There’s nothing worse than warm white wine. I like my wine ice cold and this is the perfect way to do that! 🙂 #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  24. #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving – ah how fantastic is this!! I would keep this in our bar, so everytime we have company the wine is already chilled!!

  25. Because I love wine and bubbles and my fridge is super tiny. HELP! Wine or milk!!! #ElleDeco, #Mobelli and #25DaysOfGiving

  26. This would really come in handy, I got a small fridge and no space to put hubby’s wine. He would be so happy to have cold wine this summer. This would make his christmas #ElleDeco, #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  27. WOW, what a fantastic prize – will certainly come in handy at my ladies “Book Club” evenings to serve some really grat chilled wine #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  28. perfect wine cooler to have for the festive celebrations, right where you can reach your chilled wine/champers without having to go to the kitchen fridge to get it – this will be a real conversation piece indeed!! #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  29. there just never seems to be room in the fridge in my home over the festive season celebrations to even keep a bottle of wine chilled, this will certainly come in handy for me and my wife and can be placed right where and when we need it #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  30. what a fabulous prize and would be great especially over the holidays when I have so many people over at the house and never enough room in the fridge to keep everyones wine. Now we would not have to resort to cooler boxes lying everywhere #ElleDeco #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  31. Wow this is amazing, would love to have this in my home. Great for keeping that bottle chilled when friends come over #ElleDeco, #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  32. I have a tiny fridge, there’s never room for wine unless I plan well in advance. But when I need wine it’s never going to warn me much in advance. This will help! #ElleDeco, #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

  33. My wife loves to wine and dine all sorts of people that bless our lives… this would add on to her joy of cooking for others

  34. My wife loves to wine and dine all sorts of people that bless our lives… this would add on to her joy of cooking for others #ElleDeco, #Mobelli #25DaysOfGiving

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