To celebrate this festive season and as our gift to you, our loyal readers, ELLE Decoration’s 25 Days of Giving is here to bring you daily prizes of the best in decor and design. Go on and enter – you could be one of our daily winners!

Today in our 25 Days of Giving celebration, Yuppiechef is offering a hamper worth R2 000 including:

  • Capirete Fifty Year Aged Sherry Vinegar Rose
  • Inverroche Amber Gin, 750ml
  • Inverroche Verdent Gin, 750ml
  • Jimmy Public Salt Slab
  • La Balia Paella Spices with Saffron, 100g
  • Maoson Pebeyre Truffle Salt
  • Wilderer Pinotage Grappa



Follow @Elle_Deco on Twitter and @ElleDecorationSouthAfrica on Facebook. In the comments below, tag #ElleDeco#Yuppiechef and #25DaysOfGiving and tell us why you deserve this amazing Yuppiechef hamper. Good luck!

T’s & C’s

Each competition will go live at 8am and close at 4pm on their respective days. The winners will be selected at random and the previous week’s winners will be announced at 12pm every Monday on our Facebook page. Prizes are to be delivered by end of January 2016, or at the discretion of the respective client.


  1. Nothing says luxury more than this indulgent, delectable hamper! A true foodie’s (me) idea of a gift for christmas. Goodness the fillet on that salt slab and skinny fries with truffle salt! Bliss.
    #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  2. #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving I think I deserve this because it’s been a tough year for our family, I would like to sit back and relax now and enjoy this hamper 🙂

  3. WOW, yet another fab giveaway – I think its time for me to chill n relax after a year of challenges and this would help a long way in being pampered with these delightful goodies…liked n shared on fb, tweeted…#Day21 of #25DaysOfGiving…

  4. Wowee, what a spoil! Well, deserving? Yes! I hope so, hee hee. I have recently discovered yuppiechef, some beautiful stuff! Yhis would be an amazing gift to mark the end of not just the year, but of 6 years of surviving athome with 3 young boys. Next year all changes. Phew! X
    #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef and #25DaysOfGiving

  5. #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving Well in the last month, I’ve had my scooter (only transport) smashed, a toe broken, a few flat tyres, a terrible break up, a broken computer and am entering 2016 unemployed… This hamper looks like it may just make the festive season bearable.

  6. Hey there, I think I deserve this as the year has been rough, and to add an extra special touch to Christmas will be such a blessing!
    #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef and #25DaysOfGiving

  7. I deserve this amazing hamper because it’s the only thing that’ll get me through the next week with the in-laws :’D

  8. I believe that I deserve this hamper as I have had an extremely trying year and being a true foodie would appreciate and use all the wonderful gourmet goodies that I have not been able to purchase due to financial constraints!

  9. #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving- WOAH! I could defiantly do with those awesome spoils. After a hectic year, I need to kick back and freshen up for 2016. Bring it on! X

  10. #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving I deserve the win because it was an extremely hectic year for, especially at work and then to top it off, I’ll be working straight they’re silly season

  11. #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving I deserve the win because it was an extremely hectic year for, especially at work and then to top it off, I’ll be working straight they’re silly season

  12. #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving I deserve this hamper because my mum & I have so much of entertaining planned for the holidays and this will be a god send to help us through.

  13. #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving What an awesome hamper to win.. Its been a long year.. and I am finally on leave.. with my 2 young, active, full of life toddlers.. So I could really do with this 🙂

  14. 2015 has been one of the toughest year, this will definitely make up for it #ElleDeco #25daysofgiving #yuppiechef

  15. This is exactly what I need in my new place – at the moment the shelves are very empty. #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  16. It has been a good year and I think #ElleDeco can only make it better by letting me win this fab #Yuppiechef hamper. It is my bday month by the way. Hoping to win #25DaysOfGiving

  17. I have worked my butt off this year doing my Masters degree! This prize would be the party on top of a well earned break 🙂 #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  18. Everyone deserves a little treat at the end of a year! Great giveaway, thanks guys!
    #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  19. This is the biggest treat amazing hamper! WOW! would love to win it
    #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  20. #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef and #25DaysOfGiving this is a lovely gift and every now and then one need to be spoiled, I need some spoiling 🙂

  21. #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef and #25DaysOfGiving

    I would like to #Win because I appreciate great taste and would like to sit back, and sip and salt it up with friends. In celebration of the new year plus our triumphs and tribulations in 2015.

  22. #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

    Dearest Elle Deco aka Santa,

    This metrosexual thinks nothing of spoiling the family with gastronomic creations that would make even Gordon Ramsay blush. As a single dad, I now play the role of mum quite willingly and you would often find me flipping pancakes in my humble kitchen.I love experimenting in the kitchen with my judges being my kids. So, winning this awesome and utterly delicious hamper will be well appreciated…

    Looking at the contents of the hamper sends my culinary imagination into overdrive . Its been a tough 2015 and I would love to celebrate the New Year with these amazing goodies.

    Thanks and kind regards
    From a chef in the making

  23. No more or less deserving than the next person to win this coveted prize. An exquisite hamper for the connoisseur so this would be wonderful to win so we can create magnificent dishes that call for such products to be added to them, or simply upgrade the simple home pub into a meeting place for discerning tastes (which the men would absolutely love) #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  24. I deserve this hamper as I don’t own anything from #YuppieChef and would make my kitchen look fantastic and I could cook up a storm #TisTheSeason like a professional and #ElleDeco can make it happen and make my year extra special in the #25DaysOfGiving Merry Christmas to the whole team hope you have a great time with your family and friends ❤

  25. #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef and #25DaysOfGiving … we arent going away for Christmas this year, we have some saving to do … this hamper will be such a nice addition to getting into the holiday feeling and help us to unwind after work each day this season

  26. Best hamper ever! After the year I’ve had, I think I deserve to spoil myself ♡

    #elledeco #25daysofgiving #yuppiechef

  27. I could definitely do with this hamper of gifts as I have been very very good the whole entire year! #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef and #25DaysOfGiving

  28. Best Christmas gift ever! Pick the person who decided to resign from her job so she can do her Masters in Drama at UCT…penniless passionate artist. ## elledecor #yuppiechef

  29. #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving this would be the absolute perfect gift for my amazing husband who spends most of his free time in the kitchen, coming up with amazing dishes all the time! Nothing says indulgence more than this delectable hamper.

  30. Wow #ElleDeco I deserve this stunning #Yuppiechef hamper in your #25DaysOfGiving because its been a really difficult year for me and my family. It will truely be a huge blessing to have all these beautiful things in my kitchen, so that when I cook with my son I can remind him of his beautiful Granny who passed away in Jan 2015

  31. All I would love to do this Christmas is #ElleDeco my parents home with #Yuppiechef in this #25DaysOfGiving because they are so deserving:) and WOW what better way to do it than with hamper like this!

  32. 2015 has been a very diffilcult year for me , this will definitely make up for it #ElleDeco #25daysofgiving #yuppiechef

  33. #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving, I have actually had a fabulous year. Its been hard regarding starting over and rebuilding my life, but I am getting there. And most of it is thanks to my Mom and Step dad, this would be for them. Thank you

  34. Wow i deserve this because im as giving as #ElloDeco and it would be great to get a little gift back from #25DaysOfGiving (blush) i love #Yuppiechef with my whole heart and would be much obliged and overjoyed!!!

  35. Am always in the kitchen, cooking food for my family and friends, need all the super sophisticated and trendy help I can get in th form of some Yuppiechef goodies #Yuppiechef #ElleDeco #25DaysOfGiving

  36. Everything in that hamper is delicious I would love to be the lucky winner #yuppiechef #Elledeco #25daysofgiving

  37. After a particularly hard year I would love some pampering and special spoils!!#Yuppiechef #ElleDeco #25daysofgiving

  38. Its been a long, long year and this hamper will provide much needed inspiration for weeknight dinners and Sunday lunches with friends still to come! #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  39. Am always in the kitchen, cooking food for my family and friends, need all the super sophisticated and trendy help I can get in th form of some Yuppiechef goodies #Yuppiechef #ElleDeco #25DaysOfGiving. It has been a very hard year and I think I deserve it ☺

  40. Nothing screams Christmas like food food and mor food! With this perfect set the gift of giving will be so much easier thanks to #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef and #25DaysOfGiving

  41. #ElleDeco & #Yuppiechef this #50yearold #Guiseppe with her #Amber eyes like a #Verdant oasis is making a #Public appeal to the #Saffron queen & the #Trufflesalt king of #London to unleash the #Raspberry #Grappa on me cause….. I like poems & booze + it’s Christmas time and my husband will probably give me a really lame gift (again) which this hamper will totally make up for #25DaysOfGiving

  42. This would be an AMAZING way to celebrate the end of my husband’s 10 years of medical studies, internship and community service, and the start of 2016, which promises to be a year of crazy adventures, travels and an altogether fresh, exciting season! #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  43. I’m home this Christmas, and am so looking forward to sharing it friends and family. This hamper would be a huge hit, a well-deserved wrap-up on a wonderful, challenging year! #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef and #25DaysOfGiving

  44. Wow, what a hamper!
    If I was lucky enough to win this, I would take it to our family holiday and share it with my mom. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t believe her eyes! #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  45. #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving I’ve survived my first year with two kiddies, it’s been wonderful and challenging. And Craft Gin has helped me though. I would love to try a few new brands

  46. I am very very grateful for the year that has been a blessing through each laugh and pain. I dont take anything for granted and after loosing 2 sisters, I decided that I will not hold back anymore and use all sorts of excuses. Life is not for tomorrow, it is for now! I love making my home a haven for my family and a welcoming sanctuary for my community since I became a community builder – I enjoy fine things and sharing them with all kinds of people, poor to well to do, they are all part of my journey!

    #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  47. What an absolutely phenomenal giveaway! I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of the goodies but hoping my luck will change and sharing is caring so will definitely will be sharing with my significant other. #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving 

  48. Well, I deserve this amazing hamper because I’m stuck at work and will be here till the 24th slaving away so others can picnic at the beach, brunch in Bree Street and shop at the V&A 🙁

    So this hamper will be a life saver and save me a trip to the bottle store on Christmas eve madly trying to whip together an amazing Christmas dinner for my partner, myself and the bunch of stray friends still hanging around Cape Town this festive season.

    Pitty me and the many sad souls still working.
    #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  49. Coz I love #ElleDeco, I love #Yuppiechef and most of all I love Inverroche Gin 😉
    Thank you #25DaysOfGiving!

  50. I deserve this amazing Yuppiechef hamper because I need some festive cheer for this festive season #ElleDeco #YuppieChef #25DaysOfGiving

  51. #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving I have spent the last 2 days decluttering. Yuppiechef definitely on my Xmas wishlist & would make my menus in January super exciting 🙂

  52. I’m a huge Yuppiechef fan and spend a lot of my free time in the kitchen baking and cooking and experimenting!I would love to get my hands on this hamper to do just that!!!!! #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef and #25DaysOfGiving

  53. we would certainly have a fabulous festive season with these wonderful goodies to cook with and celebrate #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  54. awesome prize, love Yuppiechef. I could make some fab dishes using the awesome goodies from this hamper…feel the kitchen Diva coming out #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  55. #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef and #25DaysOfGiving With this super cool hamper I can invite all my friends and family to enjoy it with me,,I love to share and it will save me money this festive season,,jolly we will be xxxxx jippeeeee

  56. #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving I’ve gone out on a limb this year and started my own business! Let’s just say it requires the odd gin and tonic to get through the week 😛

  57. #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef, #25 days of Giving . Wow!! this would be a nice gift for my new home specially for my kitchen ..

  58. Not sure I could give a reason why I deserve it but I would certainly love to win it, it all sounds amazing, especially the gin, truffle salt and the salt block.
    #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  59. Would just like to win that hamper and thinking of all the amazing gin and tonics it will deliver plus the salt block sounds like a great way to prepare food. And who doesn’t love Yuppiechef? #ElleDeco #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

  60. I absolutely love shopping on Yuppiechef. My husband doesn’t understand my fascination with having amazing kitchen gadgets…but all I know is that you can find anything on Yuppiechef and it just appears on your doorstep. Easy, peasy. #ElleDeco, #Yuppiechef #25DaysOfGiving

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