There is that old joke: ‘If at first you don’t succeed, then try doing it the way your mum told you in the beginning.’ It’s too true. The older you get, the more we start to admit that good old mum always knows best.

It’s no wonder then that, as we mature/develop/ripen (call it what you may), our homes start to look unwittingly like our mother’s. She is after all, one’s very first style guide.

So much of me is made from what I learned from you

~ Stephen Schwartz

20 Signs You're Turning into your Mum | ELLE Decoration South Africa
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So, are YOU turning into your mother? Go ahead and take the test.
How many do you score out of 25?

  1. You no longer have sheets for curtains. In fact, you splashed out on the most impeccable slubby linen.
  2. The bed HAS to be made. And the bedding simply has to be crisp, folded with hospital corners. And there has to be a throw at the end with a sprig of lavender under the pillow.
  3. You have separate winter and summer bedding.
  4. You have a bigger collection of bathroom and tea towels than the Mount Nelson. And woe betides your significant other if he uses the wrong ones.
  5. When you find a decor piece you love, you always buy two ‘in case they stop doing them’.
  6. You have a well-appointed entrance, with a table with changing arrangements of vintage glassware, collectables and freshly picked flowers.
  7. You think you have better taste than most of the people you know.
  8. Your decor purchase decisions are often based on the ease of keeping them clean.
  9. No drinking or eating receptacle of any kind can be placed on any type of surface without a coaster.
  10. You own good china and you use it.
  11. Your surfaces, shelves and side tables are slowly disappearing beneath a growing array of ornaments, knick-knacks and family photos.
  12. You steal flowers from pavements and other people’s gardens so that almost every room in the house has at least one arrangement.
  13. That, or every room has a plant in it; plans to keep them alive during trips away take more careful consideration than the trip itself.
  14. You spend a significant amount of time and money investing in making your guest bedroom the most welcoming space in the house – for the full two weeks of the year when it is occupied.
  15. You have spent equally good money on the perfect wine glasses, because good wine has become an important survival method.
  16. Your decor store of choice to browse around for hours varies between your favourite art gallery and the local garden centre (not to be admitted out loud).
  17. You have accumulated an indecent amount of different-sized bowls for different things. Including but not limited to dipping, fruit, plate bowls, mixing, serving, salad, dessert, glass, wooden, decorative, butter, ramekins, steel and soup.
  18. You make your own aioli instead of using bought mayonnaise; not to mention that you won’t touch anything but fresh garlic.
  19. You have more vases than you know what to do with.
  20. You insist on a table cloth and cloth napkins.
  21. You prepare full-on Sunday roasts; you set the table, invite friends and there are sometimes even roasted potatoes.
  22. Your favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning is get rid of stuff.
  23. Your dog and cat rule the roost.
  24. You can’t drink tea or coffee out of a thick-rimmed cup any more.
  25. You keep all your broken or chipped ceramics for that mosaic you have been planning for months.
20 Signs You're Turning into your Mum | ELLE Decoration South Africa
ENTRANCE HALL IDEAS: Home of photographer Andreas Öhlund. Via Emmas Blogg
20 Signs You're Turning into your Mum | ELLE Decoration South Africa
FLOWER ARRANGEMENT IDEAS: | | Sophie Tajan Bouquet

How did you do? A few of those sound familiar…? If you ticked off any more than 10, you’re definitely well on your way to adopting your mother’s décor ways. And mums, take note: remember that your children become who you are, so be who you want them to be.

That means, apart from many things, having an impeccable home!

 All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.

~ Abraham Lincoln

We’d love to hear from you – tell us how you are turning into your mother.
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