Ditch the boring carton of juice and whizz up your own creation – here are 3 fresh juices to nourish, energise and refuel. 

Beauty Tonic
Loaded with silicon and hydrating minerals and vitamins, this juice will make you glow and nourish your skin from the inside out! Serves 1

½ cucumber
1 green apple
1 stalk of celery
1 inch of ginger
½ lemon (no rind)

Tip: if the juice is not sweet enough for your taste, add one thick slice of pineapple.

Pick Me Up
This juice is rich in antioxidants and great to relieve pressure on your liver. Drink it after a big night out! Serves 1

1 large beetroot, cut into wedges
2 medium carrots
½ lemon (no rind)
2 small apples
1 inch of ginger

Did you know?
For better absorption of the nutrients, swirl the juice around your mouth with your tongue as if you were eating it before swallowing. It activates the enzymes in your saliva and ensures a better digestion and assimilation of all the precious nutrients.

Energy Refuel
Do you work out in the morning? If so, this is the juice for you. Rich in potassium and proteins, this potion will give you the right boost to start your day. Drink it plain or enjoy over ice for a refreshing start to the day.
Serves 1

2 medium oranges
1 apple
1 small sweet potato
A handful of almonds

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