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Tackling some home improvement this Spring? We scoured the web for the information you didn’t know you needed.

In 2017, you need to go green.

HGTV explains that while green is always a good way to go, most people ignore sustainable materials and alternative energy sources on the assumption that it will cost them more than traditional methods. Those in the know say otherwise. Not only is green building better for the planet, it’s better for your pocket in the long run, even if the out-of-pocket cost is a little higher on installation day.

Never race a baby.

You read right. This one’s courtesy of Kevin Harris, architect and author of The Forever Home: How to work with an architect to design the home of your dreams. As Kevin told inRegister Magazine, the need to accommodate new members is often the driving factor behind home expansions. He warns, however, that if you start your work chasing your delivery date, you will lose – every time. You end up right where you don’t want to be: in a war between an expectant mother needing to prepare a space for a newborn and a contractor who can’t tiptoe around a crib to do their job. Your best bet is to postpone until after baby’s arrival.

Don’t buy your own materials. 

Philadelphia based Contractor Kenny Grono says he knows it’s tempting to hunt for the bargains yourself. After all, your contractor is going to mark up his material prices, right? Here’s the catch: You will have to hunt all over and pay full retail for what your contractor gets bulk pricing on anyway. The saving he gets on wholesale will be about the same as the retail mark up, so save yourself the trouble and let your contractor do the shopping.