Choosing paint and colour for the interior of your home does not have to be a daunting task. Follow these simple guidelines and approach each project with confidence so that you reduce the risk of getting it wrong.

Surface and Paint Texture

“The texture of the surface you intend to paint, as well as the sheen level of your paint will very likely affect the appearance of the colour. As an example; a smooth surface with a high gloss finish will appear deeper in colour than that of the same wall painted with Acrylic PVA. Excessive surface texture may cause minute shadows that can cause the colour to appear darker than it really is. For these reasons it is important to first test your final colour selection in the product of your choice, especially when it comes to large bulk purchases, as is the case with a neutral to be used throughout the home,” explains Dulux colour expert, Sonica Bucksteg.

Preparation is Key!

You can apply the best paint there is, but insufficient preparation and priming of surfaces can leave your walls flaking and pealing shortly after painting. “Dulux offers a wide range of primers for surfaces ranging from metal, wood and plaster to glass, melamine and ceramics. The latter can be primed with Dulux Supergrip allowing you to repaint those out dated tiles in your bathroom. Dulux also offers a range of speciality products that will take care of problems such as damp with the help of Fixit Dampshield™,” adds Bucksteg.

The Right Paint for the Job

According to Bucksteg, the type of paint and paint finish for a room will very likely depend on the functional aspects it needs to fulfil. As an example, a small bathroom’s surfaces need to withstand excessive moisture; in this case Dulux Pearlglo water-based enamel offers protection against steam and is easy to clean without whites yellowing over time, as is the case with conventional solvent based enamels.

“High traffic areas in the home such as living rooms and corridors need a tough durable paint that is easy to clean and will keep your walls looking fresh and new for years to come. Try Dulux Rich Matt in a plush matt finish or if you prefer a sophisticated silky sheen finish opt for Dulux Luxurious Silk™; both offer a 10 year guarantee, reassuring you of the quality you have come to trust and know from Dulux,” explains Bucksteg.

How Much Paint do I Need?

Simply measure the length and height of the wall you intend to paint and multiply with one another to get the surface area. Have a window or door? Follow the same formula and deduct the window and door surface from the wall’s surface area. Once you have the area surface divide it through the spread rate as listed on the back of your Dulux packaging to get the amount of litres you need for one coat. Keep in mind that most paint manufacturers require a two coat system in order to get the desired opacity. The spread rate on the back of the packaging is calculated with regards to a smooth surface. If you need to paint a highly porous surface such as face brick, reduce the spread rate by 20% to 30%. See the example below for a basic paint calculation:

Wall A and B                         (height) 2.4m x (length) 5m = 12m² x 2(walls A and B) = 24m²

Wall C and D                         (height) 2.4m x (length) 2.5m = 6m² x 2(walls C and D) = 12m²

Door                                       (height) 2m x (length) 0.8m = 1.6m²

Window                                 (height) 1.4m x (length) 2.5m = 3.5m²

Total area surface               24 + 12 = 36 – 1.6 – 3.5 = 30.9m²

Spread rate of paint                       10m²/l

Smooth surface – Total paint needed for a two coat system

30.9m² ÷ 10m²/l = 3.09 x 2 = 6.18 litres

Porous surface – Total paint needed for a two coat system

30.9m² ÷ 7m²/l = 4.41 x 2 = 8.82 litres

As Simple as 1-2-3

And so it is clear that choosing paint for the interior of your home need not be a daunting task, especially when it comes to Dulux’s easy to follow system.  By keeping the aforementioned tips in mind, it really is as simple as 1-2-3.

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