Lorraine Loots, a Cape Town based artist, is the incredible lady behind the project 365 Postcards for Ants. She draws a miniature painting everyday and has done so since the beginning of 2013. Through the success of her project last year, 365 paintings for ants, Lorraine has managed to grow and develop her idea into her next project that she started at the beginning of 2014. This new and exciting project takes a look at the beauty Cape Town has to offer.

365 Postcards For Ants | Elle Decoration South Africa
27th April 2014 – This is Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 of the 27 years
365 Postcards For Ants | Elle Decoration South Africa
4th June 2014 – Newlands Forest is a conservancy area on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain.
365 Postcards For Ants | Elle Decoration South Africa
Four of Lorraine’s paintings framed in a simple timber box frame.

What is your project 365 Postcards for Ants all about?
365 Postcards for Ants is the second phase of a project I started in 2013 (365 Paintings for Ants), where I painted a miniature every single day for a year, and people could book the paintings/dates. This year, I wanted to do the same thing but with more focus – and I wanted to challenge people to engage with their environment in a different way. So 2014’s project is kind of an ode to Cape Town – people can make suggestions in terms of subject matter, but they have to give me at least 5 options, and they all have to relate to Cape Town.

I’ve always felt like really interesting things can happen within clearly defined boundaries.

What draws you to miniature pictures?
I had actually decided not to be an artist anymore, but didn’t want to stop painting altogether. So I decided to dedicate an hour a day to painting outside of my “real job”, and the only thing I could finish in an hour was a miniature painting. The initial project was shaped around these limitations.

What do you dislike about the art world?
I think there’s a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the way art is taught in schools and Universities.

365 Postcards For Ants | Elle Decoration South Africa
13th May 2014 – You can truly understand the scale of Lorraine’s paintings when placed next to common household items such as a coin, matchstick and paintbrush.

Your great love?
Sleeping. It’s the only time my eyes really get to rest!

Your dream project…
To paint at least one miniature in every country in the world.

365 Postcards For Ants | Elle Decoration South Africa
25th June 2014 – Robijn proteas flower between March and June.

Where is your favourite place to paint?
In my new studio, where the light is perfect and it’s quiet. But I also love painting in coffee shops, with everything buzzing around me. Or on the road. Or anywhere, really.

365 Postcards For Ants | Elle Decoration South Africa
10th May 2014 – Fig with fig leaf ice cream from The Test Kitchen by Luke Dale-Roberts.

The prices range from R300 for a postcard and R900 for the painting.

Follow Lorraine and her project 365 postcards for ants on tumblr (paintingsforants.tumblr.com),

Instagram (lorraineloots) or visiting by her website www.lorraineloots.com.

Compiled by Emma Bannatyne @BannatyneEmma -our intern from Design Time School of Interior Design.