Shop interior designs. Tsumori Chisato.
The Shanghai boutique of renowned Japanese fashion designer Tsumori Chisato was created by Igarashi Design Studio. Image: Nacasa&Partners Inc.

Get your decor fix with five drool-worthy shop interior designs that are possibly even more breathtaking than the products on sale.

1. The Daily Edited

Shop interior designs. The Daily Edited.
Soft pinks and organic curves dominate in The Daily Edited’s flagship store in Melbourne. Image: Courtesy of Pattern Studio.

While primarily an online luxury accessories brand, The Daily Edited wanted to create a physical store where its customers could immerse themselves in a truly bespoke environment.

Shop interior designs. The Daily Edited.
The shop interior by Pattern Studio was designed to allow the products on display to take centre stage. Image: Courtesy of The Daily Edited.

They tasked Berlin-based design duo Pattern Studio to transform a compact 60m2 space in Melbourne, Australia, into an achingly-cool shop interior wherein its products could shine.

Shop interior designs. The Daily Edited.
Pattern Studio incorporated a mixture of materials, including marble, terrazzo, brass and velvet. Image: Courtesy of Pattern Studio.

The design studio responded by stripping away unnecessary decorative elements to allow a few key pieces to act as focal points, adding an illuminated datum line to create the illusion of height. The result is a seductively sophisticated space that features soft pinks, organic curves, Norwegian rose marble and gold detailing.

2. Ambrosia

Shop interior designs. Ambrosia.
Ambrosia’s shop interior is split into two large rooms, one behind the other. Image: Ricardo Labougle.

The Milan store of multi-brand womenswear label Ambrosia is a perfect example of elemental elegance. Designed by Ciszak Dalmas Design and Spanish architect Matteo Ferrari, the interior is divided into two large rooms, one behind the other.

Shop interior designs. Ambrosia.
Ciszak Dalmas Design teamed up with Spanish architect Matteo Ferrari on the shop interior design. Image: Ricardo Labougle.

The first is adjacent to the entrance and is flooded with natural light, which highlights the products on display. Here, sleek, contemporary furniture is contrasted with heavy box pedestals made of onyx and walnut wood.

Shop interior designs. Ambrosia.
The large changing area is a chic space complete with soft furnishings and ambient lighting. Image: Ricardo Labougle.

The second is an expansive changing area, where plush velvets and dim lighting create an ambient environment. While seemingly at odds with each other, both spaces combine in one alluring interior that invites shoppers to escape the outside world and stay a while.

3. Kindo

Shop interior designs. Kindo.
The shop interior of Kindo in Mexico is designed to resemble a giant bead maze toy. Image: Courtesy of Anagrama.

Play meets practicality in Kindo, a children’s clothing store in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico, whose bold interior is designed to resemble a giant bead maze toy.

Shop interior designs. Kindo.
Every design element by Anagrama has a practical as well as an aesthetic purpose and is used to display products. Image: Courtesy of Anagrama

‘This is a space where each of the bead maze’s attributes are used for the products’ exhibition,’ says Mexican firm Anagrama, who is the mastermind behind the design. ‘The tubes function as display stands for clothing and the beads are used to exhibit an array of accessories.’

Shop interior designs. Kindo.
Kindo’s shop interior colour scheme reflects the brand’s signature palette of pastels and neons. Image: Courtesy of Anagrama

The aim was to create a dynamic store that offers an unusual and fun shopping experience for both adults and children. Drawing on Kindo’s colour palette of pastels and neons, this shop interior complements the brand’s style while staying true to Anagrama’s signature aesthetic.

4. Tsumori Chisato

Shop interior designs. Tsumori Chisato.
The exterior of Tsumori Chisato is characterised by traditional Seigaiha wave patterns in several shades of gold. Image: Nacasa&Partners Inc

Igarashi Design Studio is known for its energetic and inventive designs, so it’s no surprise that it is behind the statement shop interior of revered Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato’s Shanghai boutique.

Shop interior designs. Tsumori Chisato.
Shoppers enter the shop interior designed by Igarashi Design Studio through an archway adorned with colourful glass mosaic tiles. Image: Nacasa&Partners Inc

Drawing on Chisato’s extensive use of pattern in his clothing, the space includes meticulously arranged shapes and forms that speak of the fashion designer’s attention to detail.

Shop interior designs. Tsumori Chisato.
Chisato designed all of the clothing rail in his Shanghai boutique himself. Image: Nacasa&Partners Inc

The shop interior is scattered with charming design elements, such as gilded dots on the walls and ceilings arranged in the same wave pattern that runs throughout the boutique.

5. Margot Molyneux

Shop interior designs. Margot Molyneux.
Margot Molyneux’s first store can be found on Cape Town’s Roeland Street in South Africa. Image: Courtesy Margot Molyneux

South African fashion designer Margot Molyneux’s stand-alone store on Cape Town’s Roeland Street is a fitting reflection of the minimalist, refined clothing she creates.

Shop interior designs. Margot Molyneux.
The shop interior was fitted out by Framework Project and feature white walls, brass detailing and marble accents. Image: Courtesy Margot Molyneux

Its Art Deco-inspired interiors and furniture are courtesy of Molyneux’s husband Marlon Leggat, whose project development company Framework fitted out the store.

Shop interior designs. Margot Molyneux.
All the furniture was designed by Molyneux’s husband Marlon Leggat and has a delightful Art Deco feel. Image: Courtesy Margot Molyneux

From the rounded edges of the furnishing and the draping of the curtainings to the inclusion of fresh plants and the choice of upholstery, every aspect of Molyneux’s shop interior is carefully thought out and beautiful to behold.

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