Creating a minimalist home is simple enough, but maintaining it…now that’s a different story. Clutter inevitable builds up over time but it is how we manage it that is the important part when it comes to maintaining a home that is streamlined and fuss free. If you love the minimalist look but struggle to maintain it in your home then you may want to adopt these handy habits…

Habit #1:
Wash your dishes straight after you’re done using them.

Don’t love a sink full of dirty dishes? Safe to say, you’re not alone. It makes sense to clean your dirty dishes as soon as you’re finished using them to avoid them piling up which is unhygienic and creates unnecessary clutter.


Habit #2:
Organise your mail.

We all have that spot in our house – the kitchen counter, entrance hall dresser, bedside table – where our mail inevitably piles up. It can be tempting to sort through all your bills and junk mail at the end of the month but rather go throughout it all as you get it. That way you can throw away/recycle what you don’t need and put the rest away for safe keeping.


Habit #3:
Clear off counter tops.

You can have the most beautiful appliances in your kitchen and your beauty products can be neatly lined up on your bathroom sink but if you have too many things on your countertops, your home will inevitably look untidy and cluttered. Store as much as you can in cabinets and drawers when you’re not using it.


Habit #4:
Only take in things you love.

Do not buy or or say yes to just any old item – ask yourself if you absolutely love it or if you will use it often. Think twice before making purchases and don’t let family members unload their junk on you.


Habit #5:
De-clutter the little spaces regularly.

Doing a major spring clean can be daunting and time consuming, so we tend to put it off for as long as possible. A simpler and more achievable task is to target the various areas of your home, one at a time. Set aside 20 minutes to clean out your desk drawers on one day, your bathroom cabinet the next, etc.


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