Self-professed 'plant hoarder', Hilton Carter shares his passion for all things green on @hiltoncarter.

From Delicious Monster-filled lounges to succulent-strewn bedrooms, here are our top five houseplant Instagram accounts that will excite even the most dormant of green thumbs.

1. @mrcigar

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Digital designer Ron Goh is the owner of a ‘Jungle Loft Airbnb’ in New Zealand, whose Mid Century Modern-feel interiors – and their houseplants – fill his magnificent feed. Whether you’re obsessed with houseplants or not, this Instagram account is a thing of beauty, complete with breath-taking rooms that make you wish they were your own.

2. @plantingpink

The creator of @houseplantclub (see #5 of this post) combines her love of houseplants and the colour pink in her personal Instagram account. As the author of How To Raise a Plant and Make it Love You Back, Morgan Doane knows a thing or two about caring for plants as well as how best to display them.

3. @thejungalow

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With its design philosophy ‘Decorate Wild!’, it’s only natural that you can associate Justina Blakeney’s  lifestyle brand The Jungalow with an abundance of houseplants. The feed features modern Bohemian interiors adorned with characterful contemporary pieces, many of which are created by Blakeney herself and can be bought online.

4. @hiltoncarter

‘Green interiors’ is this Instagram account’s only descriptor, but judging from its array of beautiful  houseplant-rich spaces, it’s the only one that’s needed. Describing himself as a plant hoarder, its curator Hilton Carter – a film-maker, producer and plant stylist – is clearly an expert on the subject and includes photographs of both his own home and green interiors that he finds inspiring.

5. @houseplantclub

This page showcases pictures from houseplant enthusiasts the world over, exploring that magical thing that happens when plants, interiors, photography and design collide. If its 445k followers (and counting) are anything to go by, we think the feed is on to something.

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