Even if you haven’t really been paying attention to design trends, you’ll notice that minimalism has been a popular look for a while now, and for good reason. It’s the ultimate way to style a home without having to worry too much about statement pieces or colours clashing, which is not to say it’s easy to do, it’s just more of a hands-off, less-is-more approach. One major thing we’re seeing lots of is minimalist kitchens. The minimalist trend really does require you to declutter and keep it that way – which can be tricky in a kitchen– but once you’ve nailed it, the result is great. Though the trend works in any room of your house, we’re currently crushing on kitchens and here’s our pick of some the coolest minimalist kitchens at the moment.

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It’s a common misconception that minimalist means that a room is cold and white. This minimalist kitchen retains a fairly soft feel owing to the creamy pink colour that’s used throughout.

Source: domino.com

You don’t need to keep everything the same if you’re going for minimal, as this kitchen shows us. You can still let your personality shine through with a pop of colour or a mix of materials.

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The attraction of this kitchen is the statement-making dark colour with the clashes of warm yellow lighting.

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Though minimalists like to keep things as bare and clean as possible, this kitchen highlights how you can have something as unglamorous as a sink on display. Minimalist kitchens can be simple and functional.

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Never be afraid to inject a little luxe into your kitchen, even in minimalist kitchens.

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There’s always a time and place for a little colour blocking. This fun kitchen shows us you can keep it minimal and still have a little fun with the accents.

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