Contemporary families are immersed in the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, filled with work and school commitments, and a host of other events. They head to the bathroom to prepare for the day ahead or to relax once they arrive home. It is an intimate area with all the comforts that allow them to escape from their pressures and enhance their personal wellbeing. It therefore comes as no surprise that the bathroom has become a more significant part of the home.

We bring you 5 suggestions for giving your precious cosseting chamber a new lease of life:

  1. Burst of Colour

Bathroom interiors have greatly evolved since the days of avocado green decor. In this day and age, the innovative use of vibrant shades has made bathrooms an attention-grabbing home feature. Opting for an easily maintainable monotone colour pallet for your costly furniture, sanitary ware and fittings, puts you at liberty to revamp the room as regularly as you wish to, without going over budget.

To add tons of glamour to your bathroom, inject a dollop of a vivid shade such as cheerful canary yellow, and juxtapose this with a calming neutral tone. Perhaps pebble grey? Whatever you do, remember the rule of three: when you choose a hue, incorporate it into the space in a minimum of three different places. The chosen hue could appear in the towels, sink-side decorations, or an item of furniture in the bathroom.



  1. A Step in Style

Get involved in the recycling trend by including slick stepladder storage. Stepladders are a delightfully rustic replacement for wall-mounted rails, which if installed sufficiently diagonally, will provide a separate area for each towel to dry. Transform this part-time assistant into a full-time organiser by thoroughly sanding it to get rid of any splinters. Afterwards, either let it remain in its original state, or add a lick of varnish or paint that aligns with your bathroom colour pallet. A highly recommendable paint is Plascon’s Kitchens & Bathrooms, a water-based enamel paint manufactured with Silver Protect, which inhibits the development of mould and fungus. Attach non-slip mats to the bottom of the ladder to ensure that it stays securely in its position when it leans against the wall.

  1. Swanky Sinks

Before you splurge on a new basin, take into account how its fabric and style will affect your bathroom’s general design theme. Simply maintainable, porcelain-enamelled cast iron is very hardwearing, although it is weighty and needs a strong support system. Gleaming vitreous china requires fuss-free cleaning, and is the most impervious to discolouration and corrosion, although it can become chipped. So too, can beautifully cultured marble and other solid-surface fabrics. Considering sink designs, the possibilities are endless. Above-counter “bowl-type” sinks, for example, can form a central locale in the bathroom. Pedestal sinks on the other hand, are a superb option for guest bathrooms where space is limited and storage does not take precedence.



  1. Nice ‘n Round

For a long time, sharp-edged, abstract shapes were hugely pervasive in bathroom design. This is no longer the case! Break tradition by integrating smooth, organic lines, circles, ovals and rounded edges into your bathroom decor. Soft curves and fluid designs are an attractive proposition for all bathroom elements, large or little, encompassing bathtubs, sinks, mirrors, and even furnishings. In addition, like straight lines merged handsomely with other shapes, the same is true of all curvaceous objects. Coupling curves with curves will not only establish a sense of stability in your bathroom but can allow you to make more proficient use of your space. This is since modish, smooth-edged sanitary ware, and consoles, can be pressed into small corners, without coming across as constrained or squashed.

  1. Glorious Grey

Supposedly the most rapidly growing hue for bathrooms, grey is both classy and multipurpose. Insert cool charcoal, granite and silver into a modern pallet by highlighting textures and disparate finishes. Try a high-shine marble together with a muted concrete, or the timeless combination of blue-grey with organic wood and white fixtures. Dark grey evokes excitement, while pale grey can be whimsical and complement other bathroom features splendidly. Avert grey from swerving towards being lackluster and gloomy by devoting attention to lighting. Natural light is optimal. However, should it be lacking, carefully positioned spotlights and down-lights, and huge mirrors, will accentuate the numerous delicate undertones of this chameleon hue.



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