In this month’s issue of ELLE Deco, we have given you all the tools you’ll need to create your dream kitchen. But, we aren’t stopping with the kitchen inspiration. Here we show you our favourite ways to work marble into your kitchen. 

Stone has long been a popular choice for kitchens. The perennially-stylish, hardy material makes for an easy-to-clean, resilient surface for prepping, chopping and cooking – perfect for the modern kitchen.

Colour blocking

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that marble + colour is too busy. If you consider that marble is, at its core, a natural material and as a result, is a neutral colour, it works beautifully with brighter colours.

Source: Nicole Franzen

Embrace the marble dark side

Marble, when not styled properly, can err on old-lady tendencies. If you want the timeless style of marble in your kitchen, but you’re worried about keeping it fresh and modern, consider black marble. As we know, black is timeless and when used in natural materials, is striking but not overwhelmingly dark. We love the gold accents used in this kitchen, and look how simple white crockery can become a decor accent against the black.

Source: Pinterest

Don’t forget the basics

If black is too severe, take comfort in the fact that a stone-coloured marble (or this engineered quartz from Caesarstone) is timeless and will likely work with whatever decor you already have in your kitchen. This kitchen shows us that even with considered decor accents, you can work the marble effect in and it will like a dream.

Source: Caesarstone

Now you see it, now you don’t

Having said all of this, marble doesn’t need to be the scene-stealer in your kitchen. You can pick a very neutral colour with barely-visible veining and allow your marble to become a simple hardworking kitchen surface. Here we see the luxe kitchen accents taking all the limelight, where the marble countertops simply provide a sturdy background.

Source: Olivier Ansellem

Go wild

Let’s not kid ourselves, marble is not cheap. If you’re going to splash out, and you want it to make a statement then we suggest embracing the ‘go big or go home’ mentality. This kitchen has worked in two different colours of marble, one very dark piece and a ligher one with exaggerated veining. The two clash in a really striking way and because the rest of the kitchen’s decor is minimal and clean, it’s not overwhelming at all.

Source: Pinterest