Breadway Bakery. Wes Anderson
Breadway Bakery in Odessa, Ukraine. Image: Mikhail Loskutov
Inspired by the popular Instagram account @accidentallywesanderson, which showcases spaces around the world reminiscent of the film-maker’s signature quirky aesthetic, we’ve rounded up five Wes Anderson-style interiors that are instantly Instagrammable.

1. The Pink Zebra

Wes Anderson-style The Pink Zebra
The Pink Zebra in Kanpur, India. Image: Saurabh Suryan/Lokesh Dang

Perched atop one of the oldest buildings in Kanpur, India, The Pink Zebra makes a grand statement both inside and out. The idea behind Renesa Studio’s design began with the thought, ‘How about we dip a zebra into a deep pink sea?’ and they built on the concept by creating an eclectic restaurant that’s a distinct nod to Wes Anderson’s fantastic sets.

2. Breadway Bakery

Wes Anderson-style Breadway Bakery
Breadway Bakery in Odessa, Ukraine. Image: Mikhail Loskutov

Located in the heart of Odessa, Ukraine, this colourful café designed by Lera Brumina was inspired by Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel. Its interiors are characterised by glossy Ceramica Bardelli tiles, retro round lights, soft velvet chairs and a contrasting palette of pinks, blues and oranges, resulting in a playful, contemporary feel.

3. Budapest Café

Wes Anderson-style Budapest Café
Budapest Café in Changdu, China. Image: James Morgan

One needn’t look at the name to know that a Wes Anderson film influenced this cool café in Changdu, China. Having been briefed to create a space that would ‘appeal to social media-savvy females who enjoy café culture’, design studio Biasol delivered with bespoke features including neon signs, a pink ball pit and an original Eero Aarnio Bubble chair.

4. Café Congreso

Wes Anderson-style Cafe Congreso
Café Congreso in Malolos, the Philippines. Image: Café Congreso/Facebook

Whether intentional or purely by accident, this pastel-hued café in Malolos, the Philippines, boasts retro-chic interiors that wouldn’t be out of place in a Wes Anderson film. Candy floss-hued walls merge with fern green details and Millennial pink furnishings, while gold accents and marble counters add a luxurious element to the overall look.

5. Bar Luce

Wes Anderson-style Bar Luce
Bar Luce in Milan, Italy. Image: Attilio Maranzano

Wes Anderson himself designed this bar in Milan, Italy, saying, ‘I tried to make it a bar I would want to spend my own non-fictional afternoons in.’ With its arched ceilings, formica furniture, veneered-wood wall panels and green-and-pink colour scheme, it has the atmosphere of a typical Milanese cafè injected with Anderson’s unique personal touch.

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