Image: House Pearl Valley. Atelier Interiors

Create a place of reserved minimalism by including sleek pieces in calm colour palettes. A masculine touch can give your bedroom an elevated aesthetic with a modern feel. 

We chatted to Adri Van Zyl of Atelier Interiors to get expert advice on how you can turn your bedroom and home into a sophisticated yet simple space.

Stick to calmer palettes and furniture pieces that appease your sensibilities. You can always bring in depth with interesting textiles and scents.

Image: House in Pearl Valley. Atelier Interiors

1. Jewel tones are huge right now, especially in velvet.

Think ruby-red, emerald-green, sapphire-blue and, of course, rose-quartz pink.

2. A new rug can completely transform a room.

(Who needs to lie on the bed when you have a silk rug?)

3. Make a custom headboard.

Big features are easy to DIY and you can change the fabric often.

4. Clever use of storage space and good circulation are key.

As a general rule, place your bed against the middle of the wall, facing the door. Consider furniture pieces carefully. Storage ottomans, slide-out bed bases and good shelving can all revolutionise a small space.

5. Motorised block-out blinds are a game-changer. We’re still big fans

We’re still big fans of underfloor heating and heated towel rails if you have an en suite – set them on a timer for efficiency. That being said, there is still something extremely romantic about a vintage fan whirring above you on a hot summer’s night.

6. Place something sentimental on the nightstand – an old portrait, a significant ornament, a portrait of your kids – something to remind you of what is important when you start each day.