It’s been a while since I visited online store Kiosk, but a post over at Modern Craft reminded me about this intriguing site. The owners / curators of Kiosk travel the world, buying items from specific countries to showcase in their brick and mortar store in New York, and online too. One of the recently featured countries was, Finland, and that’s where this gorgeous handmade birch and pine basket comes from.


The other things I enjoy looking at, and which the Kiosk folks clearly love too, is the everyday graphic design that somehow typifies a country’s everyday aesthetic. The Pore Soap, the Salmiakki Licorice and box of red chalk , all from Finland, are so wonderfully ordinary and yet so exotic at the same time. I’d love to see what they would find special from a South African general store. I have some ideas myself, but their fresh eye would no doubt spot something new.




Head over to Kiosk to find your favourite ordinary things from somewhere out of the ordinary.