Known worldwide as the heart of the home, your kitchen does not have to resemble a typical foodie zone. Discover the ultimate interpretation of the kitchen space with blu_line and welcome in the best kitchen inspiration.

Start by thinking through every wall and space of the kitchen. Cabinetry is essential as the design must ensure a functional layout, be ergonomically pleasing to each user and at the same create that feeling of modern furniture in the space.


The most comprehensive way to achieve a multifunctional design, the very definition of a modern kitchen, is to separate the kitchen into various zones. Each of these zones serve a specific purpose in and of themselves, as a whole then making up a functional as well as relational environment. Within each of these zones, which range from cooking, preparation and storage to social and activity zones, the internals of the cabinetry need to be considered.


This ensures that each drawer has been thought through and allocated the necessary internal inserts, ensuring functionality. Also, consider the shelving units and specify various pull-out components, combined with an internal customised shelving system that maximises storage and ease of use. A multifunctional design therefore is not just about the allocation of various zones but the customised design of the cabinet internals, ensuring the ultimate interpretation of the space is given


Once cabinetry has been allocated, then cladding must be brought in to add character and interest to the space. Wall cladding in various materials like natural stone, aluminum, glass, timber and other textures all take the space to the next level.

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