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Starting the year with a bang, DECO’s 2016 Trends Report is as informative as it is beautiful. Accurately named The Next and The Now we look at the most exciting movements in lifestyle, decor and fashion.

Trends more or less are mostly driven by social change.  ‘Treasured’ one of the key trends for 2016 is a great example, at its core lies the need people have to declutter and rid their life of the consumption monster.

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Many people are moving away from disposable consumption and looking to spend more selectively on special items. This curatorial approach means we’re filling our homes with treasured items that say something about who we are, rather than always chasing the latest style.

Swatches from top: Zanni fabric in Polvere by Rubelli R4 494, Maveromac Métaphores Calypso fabric in Gris Moyen 003 R5 018, Maveromac Plane Triangle Pendant, Plane Round Pendant both R7 659, Créma Design

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So Seventies

The seventies continue to be a creative influence in 2016. The earthy palette of the era inspires a homely, crafted aesthetic that’s aligned with current trends. Fashion seems to be at the forefront of this movement (bye-bye skinny jeans, hello flares) but expect it to pop into all sorts of places this year.

Swatches from top: Tuscan Treasure 1, Dulux 722 Tribu in 11 Poivre fabric by Le Lievre R3 345 , Maveromac Jamaican Ginger 3, Dulux Vitra Diamond Clock R6 278, Cube Gallery Tower Pepper Grinder R1 285, Tower Salt Grinder R1 051, both Créma Design

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We live in a world in which technology makes things homogenous – our devices are brushed aluminium, plastic and glass. So as a response, we’re turning to decor that has a sense of grounding and solidity, valuing materials like marble, stone and metal.

Marble Patch coffee table R16 600, Egg Design Mercury Shower 1, Dulux Atlantic Grey polished marble R882/m2, Natural Stone Warehouse Agate Barstool R6 900, Egg Design

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