DECO met Arkivio last year after becoming slightly obsessed with their flawless glass and metal planters. When we heard about their latest project – attempting a five and a half meter cubed geometric glass installation – we had to see it for ourselves…

Founded by Paul Rabinowitz and Lance Surgeson, Arkivio is the result of two old friends who share a passion for creating beautiful objects. Bringing their vision of design and manufacturing to life, they are not shy in pushing the limits. Their latest project found them in the heat of Durban summer, on a shaky scaffolding, five meters high. The result though, was totally worth losing all their nerves over.



With a creative brief from Ricci Heyns of Bliss Interiors, the conceptualisation began and resulted in a pendant chandelier of 5 and a half meter cubed geometric cubes, and a horizontal dining room fluorescent, all using rich Kiaat wood. They were up for the challenge. Focusing on the details, Paul and Lance carefully manufactured small batches of hand made pendants. Mixing craft technique, new technologies and lots of care, the fragile installation was up and running in just three weeks.


This particular design is suited best to a clean, modern interior. We worked closely with the interior designer to achieve this aesthetic, while having the capacity to create lighting for a range of interior styles.

Elle Deco SA
The designers settled on a strong geometric shape for the design of the pendant.


Bringing a concept from design to reality is the most exciting aspect to us, a client may have only a feeling of the object they’d like without any idea of the shape of it, to take that feeling and translate through good design into an object is an amazing journey.

The original trademark of Arkivio, and the perfect decor addition or gift.

At the core of it all, the Arkivio team is adamant about manufacturing locally, providing skills and jobs to positively affect the community, and designing high value, beautiful products; which we think is a rather rad ethos.


If you want to hire this dynamic duo for a personal project, buy an Arkivio product or simply swoon over their work stay in touch online and follow them on Instagram here.


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