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More often than not, formal dining rooms don’t get the attention they deserve, but a few quick (and cheap) updates will do a world of good.

1. Eschew The Expected. A plain wooden dining table surrounded by matching chairs may be the easiest way to furnish a dining room, but it is also the least impactful. Instead of settling for a matching set, bring in stylish chairs that complement your table, but aren’t exactly the same style. If you’re really feeling daring, choose a sumptuous fabric like velvet for the seats.

2. Make At Least One Bold Choice. Whether you choose to paint your walls in a surprising hue, or you’d rather make a statement with metallic accessories, the dining room is the perfect place to take a chance — especially if you don’t use the space every day.


3. Show Off Your Favourite Serving Pieces. Don’t keep your heirloom dishes and beautiful dining accessories hidden in a back cabinet. Integrate them into your dining room design, either on your table or a nearby sideboard, to finally give them their chance to shine.

4. Emulate Your Favourite Restaurant. Nothing beats having a fancy meal at a beloved destination, but you can easily recreate that same feeling in your own home. Keep your lights dim — no harsh fluorescent bulbs — to create a romantic vibe that makes every meal feel like a special occasion.

5. Add a Statement Chandelier. A glamorous chandelier hanging directly over the table does wonders for an otherwise bare-bones space. If you only splurge on one thing in your dining room, this should be it.


6. Create an Artistic Focal Point. Put the finishing touches on your dining room by bringing in eye-catching artwork.  A gallery wall, or even a large-scale piece of art, will make the room feel complete, and add an extra layer of aesthetic appeal.

7. Find the Perfect Rug. A beautifully designed rug is the perfect way to anchor a room. It adds visual interest, and gives you a reference point on which to arrange the rest of your furniture.


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