A progressive movement is the only life that the cartilaginous fish knows, dating back to  some 450 million years ago. Before we crawled onto land and grew spines, there was evidence of sharks, the graceful brutes with a stern focus of going one way and one way only – forward, and upward, at any cost, transporting their lustre coated bodies toward a vision and purpose that we are too feeble to know of. 

Booth plain headboard in Venetian smoke

Zayne sits behind his desk, the distribution centre moves along in a consistency that is a dystopian view of the Midlands. His sleeves rolled up, his focused eyes darting from a multitude of notes that are strewn on his desk a few feet away from a framed picture of his wife and sons. Outside the windows of his office one can see racks of product and in the distance, darted by the shuffle of a group of workers who hold him in reverie, sits a fleet of vehicles, each tasked to go their separate ways only to return to embark on the same journey, all over again.

Zayne is the man’s man. Simplistic, earnest, and respectful, there are no two ways with the decisive dictator who has a firm belief that there is no grey, but simply black and white. Acceptance and approval are not sought after from a person who is genuine in all his doings. He has the poise of a lumberjack yet could quite admirably fit into the next Gentleman’s Quarterly. There’s an old school way about the silvering man, his bellowing voice churning vernacular to staff as he instructs, yet still imparts knowledge that has come from his 9 plus year stint at the helm of the distribution centre that gets SHF products into customers homes.

Essex chair in Venetian smoke | Tracker granite scatter cushion

If you’ve perchance set your viewing on The Transporter, it could be easy to compare the caricature to the man. He is proud and wrought with tradition, morals, values and the occasional satire of a soul born in the 1920’s and forced to live life out in an era of miscreants and technology, making him without a doubt standout from the rest. It’s a rarity to bring tradition modestly into a new world, and Zayne does it with the eloquence of a Great White swimming amongst Hammer Heads, always moving forward, regardless of the obstacles that may surround him.

Agra Sideboard

If you take care of the trivial things, the things of importance will always fall into place

 – Zayne Symons, Distribution Leader

Written for SHF by Keanon D

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