Instagram: Kollektedby ; Dayfeels

Instagram is sometimes a black hole for creativity – vast, homogenous, and confusing – but sometimes it’s not, as evidenced by some of the accounts inspiring our team right now – get ready to hit ‘like’.

Kollekted By

Norsk design og kunsthåndverk – Geometri lysestaker fra Kneip og Trace trefat av Sverre Uhnger. . . (Åpent 11-18 i dag)

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Interiors store Kollekted By in Oslo, Norway, reflects the cool, grounded look and feel of their store offering in their Instagram feed, with simply styled product displays set in the living spaces they would typically be used in. Stone, clay, wood and metal in muted neutrals set the zen, contemporary mood.

David Uzochukwu

Become more.

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This young photographer (and by young we mean 18 years old) has already shot a beautiful, out of the box athletic campaign with Nike and FKA Twigs, putting his name on the tip of many a fashion insiders’ tongue, but it’s his portraiture and landscape work we’ve fallen in love with. It’s the kind of photography we’d happily have enlarged for home display.

Dressed to Match

On a fun, colourful account where style meets art, gallery director at Elliott Fouts Gallery Michelle, posts snaps of outfits (mostly her own) that match the art they’re featured with. She tells the fun story of the account’s origin on her website: “While doing some last minute shopping for a dress to wear to an opening in 2013, I stumbled upon a pink ombré Diane Von Furstenberg dress that reminded me an abstraction that was featured in the show. When I arrived to the opening that evening, the likeness was uncanny – it really seemed that a collaboration between the designer and artist had taken place! Needless to say, the match was definitely a topic of conversation that night, so for subsequent openings in 2014 and 2015, I purposely wore dresses that coordinated with specific pieces of art. Using the gallery’s Instagram account I began posting “matches” every Friday, which basically consisted of me holding a painting that coordinated with my outfit. Our followers were extremely enthusiastic and encouraged me to start an account with the sole purpose of featuring my art and fashion pairings. So, in September 2015, Dressed To Match was born!”

Longina Phillips Designs

Australian textile house Longina Phillips Designs hosts beautiful process work and collage content based on their fabric designs on their Instagram account. Their prints are often hand drawn before they’re processed and are inspired by nature with a focus on birds, flowers, and greenery.

Day Feels

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Abstract natural textures, gentle line drawings of the female form, and clay process photos make up the majority of Amor Coetzee’s beautiful visual story for her illustration, design, and ceramics studio. Follow for a calming break for your eyes in a sea of high octane content.

RCA Textiles

MA Textiles 2017 Show #textiles #rcatextiles #print #mixmedia #knit #weave #royalcollegeofart #art

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The Royal College of Art’s MA Textiles program has its own Instagram account and it’s fantastic. Peek in on some of the best of the next generation of textile design talent, with pictures from student lookbooks and showcases with applications ranging from fashion to contemporary tapestry.

Somewhere I Would Like To Live

#Atelier5 #Brunnadernstrasse #Bern #Switzerland #somewhereiwouldliketolive

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Curators Ruben Ortiz & Katty Schiebeck collate and repost images of incredible spaces in a wide range of styles from their base in Barcelona. From artists’ studios to geometric stone gardens and remote luxury homes, anything is fodder as long as it’s striking to look at.

Bobby Clark

Artist and photographer Bobby Clark’s warm tones and simple shapes draw the eye in, inviting your attention instead of demanding it. Follow for snug textures, sunny interiors, and candid portraits of her adorable dog.