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We are all a little guilty of hoarding certain things we don’t necessarily use, either because we trick ourselves into thinking we’ll find some sort of use at a later stage or perhaps because these things have sentimental value, whatever the reason, holding on to too many things can reduce your home’s cleanliness, spaciousness and sophistication. Decluttering can be a means of reorganizing whilst also being therapeutic.  According to, these are the things you can definitely do without.

Old magazines – magazines take up a lot of space and once you start collecting, you kind of can’t stop. But there is definitely a limit to just how many ELLE Decorations you should be keeping as years go by. If it’s older than 6 months and unless you are in the magazine, chances are you won’t read it again.

Receipts, bills and documents – Here the rule is pretty simple, if you aren’t returning an item, then throw the receipt away. As is with bills and documents, we live in the digital age, it is far easier(and neater) to keep digital copies of important documents. Throw the papers away. (or better yet, recycle them)

Clothes – it’s impossible to want to embrace the minimal lifestyle if your closet is so full that it can’t close. Do away with clothes you haven’t worn something in two years, you need to donate it.

Books – Although it is believed that one should never throw away books, it’s also true that one cannot keep all the books they read in their lifetime. Aesthetically speaking, books can be great but 3 shelves of books may be overkill. If you aren’t going tp to re-read it, give it away.

Old Medicine – this one should be a no-brainer because keeping old meds is not a great idea healthwise. You need not keep an entire dispensary in your home, if it’s old, throw it out.

Makeup, cosmetics and Perfume – As is with medicine, makeup goes old and may cause infection. You don’t need black eyeshadow in 10 shades and you also don’t need 5 empty bottles of Jean-Paul Gautier in your bathroom. Do away with these things.

Memorabilia – While it may have been cute 10 years ago, things like postcards, birthday cards, plastic plants and trophies take up space and can make a space look clumsy. Go through your stash of discount vouchers and gift cards too.

Old electronics – The bulky old television in the corner of your living room that isn’t being used, probably won’t be used again and it’s only taking up space, so get rid of it too!


Simple right? There’s obviously much more one can do in the quest to be a minimalist maven but start with the basics and once your space is clear of things you don’t want, you can start adding the things you do want.