Every day anew, transformed and focused. From morning rejuvenation to evening reflection, we find ourselves. We perform our daily rituals that honour the body and still the mind. Every day we nourish our individuality. 

Still, a bathroom gallery, curates a selection of exclusive and reputable luxury international bathroom brands that compliment and reflect your unique needs. They offer creative and flexible solutions that are of high aesthetic value, quality and functionality and create a sense of serenity, simplicity and solitude in the bathroom of your dreams. Make your bathroom your sanctuary, a harmonious living space, from peace to play. Find your own sense of stillness with bespoke bathroom designs by Still.


Still’s curated selection of brands exemplify what they stand for. Experience a snippet of their collected design treasures…


Vola which was founded in 1968 and is one of Still’s favourite brands belonging to the Golden Age of Danish Design. They aim to create timeless fittings by focusing on sustainable innovation, quality raw materials and authentic design, striving to fascinate future generations. Vola’s passionate team of dedicated and quality-conscious staff means that Vola is a leading representative as one of the best in Scandinavian craftsmanship.


Technological innovation and playful creativity has defined Bongio since it was founded in 1936. Since the very beginning, Bongio has shown great attention to the quality and design of bathroom products, each one a true work of art. Bongio seamlessly weaves fascinating forms with boundary-pushing materials, all the while maintaining timeless style and high functional standards. Their products are designed to last a lifetime. And of course, Bongio is Made in Italy.

Still would like to welcome you to their collection. Feel free to pop in to browse the objects currently on display in their bathroom gallery.


Images courtesy of Still Bathrooms

Still Bathrooms

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