In our latest issue, we once again teamed up with Freeworld Coatings to create The Room, a visual feast of colour recipes inspired by food. Our amazing decor editor Anna Loubser tells us about her inspiration behind the shoot:

‘Being scheduled for winter, I wanted the Freeworld paint supplement to have a warm and comforting feel. What is more inspirational than the colours found in food? Our food stylist Maranda Engelbrecht (who’s also the creative force behind Babel), helped bring the idea to life…

Winter light also made me think of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer – his paintings have such a dreamy, old-world feel. Photographer Antonia Steyn managed to capture the mood exactly. It was also interesting how many modern design pieces – such as clothing by Christopher Strong – fit seamlessly into the shoot, giving it an authentically contemporary look.

The overall aim was to inspire people to get out a paintbrush and transform their homes – that’s what Freeworld Coatings is all about. Food can inspire you to paint your walls a guava colour, for example, and pretty soon you’re changing your cabinet too – it’s like a chain reaction. Then you start looking at everything as inspiration… that’s the point. To get people thinking.’

Download Maranda’s recipes from food featured in The Room here.

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