Dulux colour moodboard : Africa rising
Dulux and DECO present this season’s most exciting colours

Take your cue from this African-inspired collection of trending colour combinations. In collaboration with Dulux, DECO presents the season’s most exciting colours and shows you how to bring them into your home.

This drop-dead-gorgeous country of ours is quite literally pulsating with unbridled creativity, potential, talent and enthusiasm.

The colours, patterns, textures, narratives and materials characteristic of a characteristically African aesthetic are being celebrated, reinterpreted and re-imagined to extraordinary effect this season, because they feel authentic – they have gravitas, history and a very long, fascinating story.

Dulux moodboard Africa rising
A characteristically African aesthetic is being celebrated with the colours, patterns and textures typical of our great continent

With deep-rooted traditions and craft techniques at its foundation, a modern twist takes this African palette to the next level. These brilliant shades inspired by African food, jewellery and furniture instill a sense of wonder, of confidence and encourage bold expression.

 “Fearless, open-minded and with a twist of humor and wit – the dramatic and intense colours of current African design captures and celebrates the authenticity of our people, our continent and heritage with a deep rooted sense of pride and proactive optimism.”

~ Sonica Bucksteg, Dulux Colour Expert

Dulux colour moodboard
The on-trend shades this season are inspired by African food, jewellery and furniture

The links between fashion and décor trends grow ever more apparent; colours move from the catwalk to the couch. Individually these colours are vibrant and powerful; when presented in the perfect combination, they become even more extraordinary.

“Colours speak all languages.”

Joseph Addison

Dulux Colour moodboard Africa Rising
Inspired by African fashion accessories, colours move from the catwalk to the couch.

Colour is a powerful tool of expression. Your walls need to reflect not only where you have been, but the direction you are headed. We look back to our African traditions to move forward into our African future.

Dulux Colour moodboard
Rich blue/green hues reflect our natural environment and heritage.

You can always rely on Dulux to turn your decor dreams into reality. To ensure you don’t miss out on the latest variety of colours and trends available, collect your Everyday + Dulux 2015 International Trends Collection booklet, which shows you the potential of your home.

Dulux Colour moodboard: Africa Rising

Inspired by African fashion accessories, colours move from the catwalk to the couch.

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Production: Ilana Swanepoel Photography: Dirk Pieters