Freshly launched online, Africandy calls itself ‘The Definitive South African Design Emporium’ – an assertion that’s anything but hot air. The store is packed to its virtual rafters with the very hottest local design. Carefully curated furniture, home décor and lifestyle products are all selected for their integrity of design.

Expect to see juicy modern design, including beautiful cabinet making and craftsmanship, applied not just to high-end investment pieces, but also to smaller items that make wonderful gifts.

Chris van Niekerk and Pierre du Plessis, both architects, are the creative drivers behind the idea. “We wanted to showcase the finest South African design under one umbrella,” says Chris. ”Too many people have tended to associate South African design with a pastiche of curio artefacts. We want to counteract this misconception and are proud to present an amazing cross section of designers with very diverse sensibilities.”

Established design names rub shoulders with gifted emerging designers; hand-made and hi-tech share shelf space. The criteria for selection of products are simple: each item displays a sense of integrity, either in the way it’s made and the materials used, or in the clarity of its concept; all pieces are by a South African designer and are made locally.

With these criteria in place you’ll find products at every price point, from inspirational and exquisite limited-edition pieces, to beautifully designed and affordable small items. Without further ado, go clickety click

“We feel that South Africa is ready for a product like this,” says Chris, “and we want aspirational South Africans to support their own industry, rather than buying the cheaply made and imported product which currently floods the market.”

Sneak previews of some of the product offering were released over the past few weeks on the Africandy Facebook page in the lead up to the launch, together with an exciting competition: the prizes are chosen from six covetable pieces by David Krynauw, Joe Paine, Duncan Stevens, Urban Africa, Woltemade and Snapp. Today is the last day of the freebie run – so carpe diem!