Hmm. Time for a challenge. South African stores are not terribly internet-savvy on the whole, but let’s see what I can find online locally for a stylish African Christmas.

First stop, the Babazeka online store, where I found this Aloe bag (also available in brown) and Shweshwe bowl.

Also at Babazeka, I found the Lucky Star hand-embroidered cushion, and the Razor print cushion too.


Of course, an African Christmas isn’t complete without a lasercut tree, snowflake or wreath from Tintown.

Rebound Books

A master bookbinder at new Cape Town outfit Rebound Books is filling charming old hardbacks with brand new creamy pages, to be used as classy notebooks in 2008.

Visit Rebound Books to choose your favourite. I rather fancied the rather elegant Eternal Masquerade.
Clip Clop

The southern tides and moonphase calendars from Clip Clop have been gift staples for years, but now this outfit has brought out an adorable new calendar with illustrations of African animal families by Sheila Dorje. Contact Clip Clop to buy, or find them at your local bookstore.


Still in the stationery department, keep an eye out for the beautiful cards and giftwrap from new stationery outfit Flowermill. Their website’s not quite up and running yet, but they’re stocking Exclusive Books, Wordsworth, and loads of other stores.

I love cupcake

And for a present that certainly won’t last for long, how about ordering a custom made cupcake (or twelve) from I Love Cupcake . You can order online, choosing from a bewildering range of styles and flavours, and then pick up from their stores in Blubird Shopping Centre off Athol Oaklands or in Centurion.

You have other suggestions for an online African Christmas? Let me know, quick!