We recently had the privilege of working with the fabulous overachievers Chloe and Darren from A•G, a photography and directing duo who run a digital agency and production house.

Give them a brief and they’ll build a shoot, film, gif… whatever you want, really, from concept to final product.
 The A•G umbrella includes a producer, retoucher, cinematographer, on-set crew, music production and other creatives to accommodate any brief.

DECO invited Darren and Chloe to collaborate with us on our Wild Posies shoot for the upcoming Outdoor Issue 98. You should watch their clip here, it’ll make your day.

We sat down with them in their covetable studio in Woodstock to find out what makes them tick…

Who, what, why?
 A•G stands for ANDREA•GWYNN. A being Chloe Andrea and G being Darren Gwynn.
 It’s kind of funny because a lot of people call us Andrea because our email is studio@andreagwynn.com
. But to be honest, you can call us Suzy if that makes you happy. We met in 2012 and straight away we knew we had to create together. We started out collaborating with Chloe styling and Darren shooting, and we always conceptualised together. Two years later Darren drew our surnames on a piece of paper together. Everything changed.

Your secret weapon? Our brains. Coffee. Each other.

Your pet hate?
Chloe: Crushed velvet. (Hear, hear)
Darren: Laziness.

Which historical figure do you most identify with?
Chloe: Charles Darwin
Darren: Irving Penn.

Your greatest extravagance?
 Every now and again we go out to an expensive restaurant and pretend that we’re SUPER rich, we dress SUPER chic and elegant and strut around like the old supermodels (Turlington, Crawford, Campbell).

What is your dream commission?
Darren: To create a short film for Givenchy or Prada.
Chloe: Don’t forget Mui Mui and Vivienne.

Who would you like to work with in SA?
Chloe: Jacques van der Watt of Black Coffee.
Darren: We also love Gareth Cowden’s work on Babatunde.
Chloe: Oh, don’t forget Spoek Mathambo. What a G!

What has been your favourite commission so far?
 The diamond film we created for American Swiss.

What’s on your mind today? 

What are you listening to?
 Konono No.1, Amadou & Mariam, La Femme, The Gypsy Kings, Kasper Bjørke, Nicolas Jaar (Darren is addicted), The Underachievers.

What are you reading?
 TIME. Business Of Fashion. ELLE. ACNE Paper.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Darren: I am what I wanted to be.
Chloe: An astronaut. Nah… not really. We are exactly where we’re supposed to be.

Top perfume?

Chloe: Prada Candy.
Darren: Gucci Guilty.

Top bar?
Chloe: The Alexander Bar inCape Town. This is where most of our original concepts were born in the early hours of the morning over a game of chess (which Darren always won).
Darren: Milk & Honey in London and New York.

What are you eating?

Chloe: Biltong (African sushi).
Darren: These are the most personal questions I’ve ever had to answer.

Your thoughts on WDC2014? 
Being young entrepreneurs, we support young entrepreneurs, but what happens when the yellow flags are gone?

Your thoughts on the SA design landscape?
Truly ready to compete in the international market with the designs, but we’re not ready with the business side of things.

Who’s work in SA do you admire?

  • The Laduma Ngxokolo and Karoo Looms decor colab.
  • Sithabe African Crafts.
  • Karabo Poppy Moletsane, an illustrator – her work is rad!
  • Suzaan Heyns.
  • Uno de Waal from Between 10 and 5. What this man has done for the South African creative world is simply poetic and genius!

In reality there are probably about 107 other people here that we could mention, so this is very difficult.

Favourite websites?
Chloe: www.catsinspace.com + www.thecosbysweaterproject.com + www.fashgif.tumblr.com
Darren: nowness.com + www.relicnyc.com + www.naturama.tumblr.com

Twitter & Instagram: @ANDREA_GWYNN