Do you put all your eggs in one basket?
Here in South Africa, my adoptive country for three years, people add to the Valentine’s Day madness by dressing in red and on high heels. The bad red and deep cleavage truly challenges me on my eternal aesthetic quest.

Now my sense of aesthetics is heavily under attack again with the next consumer war on its way – we’re about to be bombarded with Easter eggs, bunnies, chicken and more of that Easter yellow and green horror. The story of the guy on the cross with nails in his hands and feet is far away, since Easter turns today’s society into some sort of commercial Teletubbie country.

To add some perspective to all of that, this design by labmember Kensaku Oshiro for Belgian label Vlaemsch() certainly does its bit.

It’s a money box. Ceramic eggs, to save your money in.

Maybe it will help you to save for the next consumer horror (Mothers’ Day, Back to School, Halloween – just pick your winner). But at least there is an aesthetic value in doing it the Vlaemsch() way.

See more of Kensaku Oshiro’s work at his website, and visit his work at Labfile at