Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu was honoured for his humanitarian contribution to freedom in South Africa with an arch in Cape Town, unveiled on his birthday.

In honour of Desmond Tutu’s 86th birthday, the City Of Cape Town and Mayor of Cape Town Patricia De Lille partnered with the Design Indaba to create a monumental and historic Arch for Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The structure is made of 14 individual arched beams of wood, which together, serve to symbolise the 14 chapters of the South African Constitution.The beams create a dome structure that sits between the Anglican St George’s Cathedral and the Parliament of the city. The position and structure of the Arch is monumental toSouth Africa’s history and constitution

Renowned Nordic architects Snøhetta and Thomas Chapman of Local Studio are the minds behind the design of the Arch for Arch, which was commissioned by the Design Indaba and funded by financial services provider Liberty. A smaller version of the Arch is going to be unveiled on the 10th of December on Constitution Hill in Johannesburg.

“Good design has to have a concept, otherwise it is just decoration,” says Ravi Naidoo, the CEO of Design Indaba. The concept behind the Arch for Arch carries significance from Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s values of peace and reconciliation, as well as the significance of the South Africa’s Constitution and 21 years of it’s democracy.