Using only solid reclaimed wood, Archibold Solid Woods creates side tables that are simplistic yet elegant and unique.

Mark Buchanan and Suly Kuhn, the two local artists behind Archibold Solid Woods, decided to collaborate with a shared vision of creating hand crafted side and coffee tables as a foundation to express their love for design with solid woods. The concept behind Archibold Solid Woods came to life when a tree fell over in Mark’s yard…

‘Mark & I have always enjoyed working with our hands. Mark builds his own guitars and I build my own pinhole cameras. After a tree fell down in Mark’s yard, he took on a side project to make a table for his wife as a present. I was still on a traveling venture when I received the first photo of the finished table. I instantly fell in love with the concept and Mark and I decided to collaborate, sharing design ideas and bouncing off each others skills to create unique tables. One table led to another until we decided to create a brand, thus Archibold was born,’ says Suly.

With their different outlook towards typical wood work, Mark and Suly prefer to leave the wood cracked and enjoy working with its natural imperfections, continuously inspired by the beauty of asymmetrical shapes and combining aesthetics with functionality. The end result is one of a kind tables as each piece of wood is different, thus making them practical art pieces.

The name Archibold means genuine and bold, and this is what inspired them to start their venture into the field of simplistic and contemporary tables.

Suly & Mark
One of a kind pieces

Images courtesy of Archibold Solid Woods

Archibold Solid Woods will be at at Kamers Vol Geskenke from the 26th – 30th of April at St John’s in JHB.

Can’t get there? You can also order straight from the website:

Instagram – archiboldsolidwoods

Facebook page – Archibold Solid Woods

Suly Kuhn – 828 5852

Mark Buchanan – 718 9988


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